Microsoft will offer dedicated TV streaming devices for Xbox cloud gaming

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Oliver Cragg / Android Authority


  • Microsoft has announced that it will offer dedicated streaming devices for cloud gaming.
  • This allows users to play Xbox games on their TV or monitor without any additional hardware.

Microsoft has apparently had a lot of success with its Game Pass service and even offers a cloud gaming service that lets you play Xbox titles from your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Now the Redmond company has announced that it will build its own streaming devices for Xbox Cloud Gaming. According to Microsoft, you can use it to stream Xbox games to your TV or monitor.

There’s no information on what to expect in terms of form factor and price, but we suspect it could be a streaming stick similar to something like the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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It wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft has tried this form factor, as the company apparently canceled a so-called Project Hobart streaming stick back in 2016. According to reports, this should be available for $ 99 at the time. Presumably, the new streaming devices will also support other apps such as Netflix.

Microsoft also announced that it is working with TV manufacturers to embed the Xbox experience on smart TVs. That way, you only need one controller to play Xbox titles (probably via streaming too).

The company also said it is in the “final stages” of upgrading its data centers with Xbox Series X consoles. This should result in faster load times, improved graphics, and more.

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