Microsoft is ‘pretty confident’ it can replace Google with Bing in one market

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  • Microsoft is reportedly “fairly confident” that it can fill the void that Google has left in Australia.
  • Google has threatened to leave Australia if a new law goes into effect.

Microsoft Bing is a distant second place behind Google when it comes to search engine market share worldwide. However, the Redmond-based company believes it can replace Google in at least one region.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters (h / t: Gizmodo) that Microsoft was confident that it would fill the void left by Google if the search kingpin left the market. Google has threatened to leave Australia because of a bill that would require companies like Facebook to pay news outlets to link with them.

“I can tell you, Microsoft is pretty confident. When I spoke to Satya the other day, there was a bit of it, ”Morrison told journalists while rubbing his hands, referring to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. This was in response to whether the government was confident that alternative search engines would fill the void left by Google.

Of course, Bing is already available in Australia and Australia Statcounter reports that it only accounts for just under 4% market share. So it wouldn’t exactly be a case of Microsoft winning a battle fair and a square if it becomes the most popular search engine in the country because of its biggest rival.

You have to wonder if Google can risk entering the market for rivals and allowing them to gain a foothold. Lastly, Mountain View may find it a little difficult to fully regain its market share if it wants to return to Australia.

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