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Netflix is ​​no longer enjoying the subscriber pandemic boom it saw last year. Instead, the streaming platform lost 430,000 paying subscribers in the US and Canada in the second quarter of 2021. Is it the aftermath of big theater titles that first debuted on streaming services like Disney Plus and HBO Max, or are people just not? Do you enjoy Netflix content more? The reasons are unclear.

With this in mind, we asked our readers whether they too threw Netflix overboard in the platform’s recent subscription cleanup. This is how they voted in our poll.

Are you among the 430,000 subscribers Netflix lost this quarter?


We received a total of 2,414 votes in our poll, and the results show that the majority of our readers (51.9%) are still Netflix subscribers. However, there are a sizeable number of respondents who have indicated that they have left Netflix. 15.4% said they would leave the service and instead subscribe to another streaming service. 19.1% said they stopped but didn’t get a replacement streaming service. That’s nearly 35% of people who say they gave up on Netflix.

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Meanwhile, 13% of respondents said they plan to leave Netflix soon. All in all, things don’t seem very rosy for Netflix right now, and the platform could continue to see a decline in its subscriber base going forward. Here’s what our readers had to say about why they voted this way.

What you had to say

Iceman89: Canceled a few months ago, the only reason to sign up is the original content which has recently been lacking in quality and quantity. Otherwise, it’s just an assortment of things you’ve seen before or normally never would, which isn’t very appealing. Anything that is potentially good is now being ruined by the industry’s lively agenda anyway. It’s not worth paying.

Vandal Savage: I plan to leave Netflix because all of their new programs are feminist, controlled by a woken up leadership, and therefore have ruined everything they post. Honestly, it’s hard to find anything good on Netflix these days.

Vasu: Literally stopped last night, the prices are too high and the selection of content too low. Instead, keep my Prime and Disney Plus.

Albin: Given that Netflix reportedly added 10 million pandemic subscribers in the second quarter of 2020 and then increased prices afterwards, it comes as no surprise to cancellations as summer reopenings and government pandemic lockdown money dry up. (Never a subscriber).

Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin: Netflix is ​​literally the only place I can legally watch Japanese anime. Sure there is Crunchyroll and AniPlus, but the catalog doesn’t impress me enough.

Fearlessferret: I gave up movie streaming services when I realized it was cheaper to buy the content I care about on used Blurays. And now I have a pretty large collection that cannot be taken away by license changes, and I enjoy great audio and video quality most of the time.

Ian Henderson: Netflix lacks quality content. For me there is nothing worth seeing about it. I’m a documentary series type and haven’t been out in over a year. Maybe it’s the pandemic, but what about the ramification into podcasting.

Luv: One of the best things about Netflix was the price, and there was always something to be found on Netflix. Also, they used to give a second like show for shows that were canceled, which got you to work for them. Now that has all changed. The choice of content is too small and the price has gotten too high and they don’t seem to care about people anymore.

Techngro: I left Netflix after the Cuties thing. There are things I can’t say anything about. The claim that child exploitation is “art” does not release you.

Johnny Ravioli: You sucked before the pandemic. It takes more than a year for a new season of their original series shows to become available. I’m not paying for my account so I can’t cancel it, but I’ll tell the person doing it to save some money and do so. You hardly ever watch Netflix anyway. I will certainly not miss it. I get along well with aerial television.

Jawbox: Seemingly consistent annual price increases for top class (feels like we’re subsidizing the lower quality levels?), Cancellation of great shows like the OA, quantity seems to be going before quality. Deactivated in January, may rejoin at some point, but at the moment HBO was a nice replacement.

Nick V: Should have an option like, “I really want to, but right now there is nothing else that is competing.” I would like to cancel because of the messages being pushed, but like my option above, it still exists nothing else.

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