LinkedIn unveils new look and messaging features, plans to release Stories globally

LinkedIn unveils new look and messaging features, plans to release Stories globally


LinkedIn members have used Stories to chat about their work.


LinkedIn announced on Thursday that it is rolling out a new design for the business-centric social network that introduces more messaging capabilities and plans to offer stories that will allow users to post photos and videos that disappear worldwide in a day.

LinkedIn tested stories in certain countries like Brazil, Australia, France, and the Netherlands. The company has now announced that it will be rolling out Stories in the US and Canada, but will also roll out the tool globally in the following week. The upcoming global launch of Stories shows that LinkedIn, like other social networks, is pushing the creation of more videos and ephemeral content on its platform.

The ephemeral messaging app Snapchat first published its own Stories function in 2013. Other social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, have created their own versions. Pinterest announced on Wednesday that it was testing its Stories tool, which allows users to add music, text, and voiceovers to videos and photos. Pinterest version of Stories, called Story pinsThe content does not go away within 24 hours.


LinkedIn unveiled a redesign of the social network.


According to LinkedIn, its members who tested Stories used the tool to share photos and videos of their home office setups, chat about job vacancies, and talk about their work or leisure activities. LinkedIn Stories also asks members a question of the day, such as: B. what they work that day or how they recharge on their days off. Members can also add local stickers to stories.

“It gives members the freedom to share more authentically,” said Liz Li, director of product management at LinkedIn, in a video shared with the press.

The growth of Stories features on social media websites is challenging as any new tool can be misused to share misinformation, hate speech, or other objectionable content. Content moderators need to examine a number of photos and videos in a story and act quickly as the posts disappear within 24 hours.

At the same time, stories can lead users to post more content on social networks. because they know the content won’t stay on their profiles. Increasing exposure to these sites could help social networks sell more ads.

In the meantime, LinkedIn is also getting a new look, making it easier for the more than 706 million members of the social network to navigate the website and app. The revision includes more white space. Kiran Prasad, Vice President of Product at LinkedIn, said in a video that the new design is “a lot simpler, a lot more modern,” and less blue, a color associated with social networking. Users can use the search bar to find groups, content and events, he said.

LinkedIn also continues to push for messaging as more members use the tool on the social network. Users can select multiple messages to archive or delete at the same time. You can also delete or edit a sent message and respond to a message with an emoji. Messages on LinkedIn include icons for the BlueJeans, Zoom, and Microsoft video conferencing services, so users can video chat with the touch of a button.

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