LinkedIn rolls out new tools to help job seekers amid coronavirus pandemic

LinkedIn rolls out new tools to help job seekers amid coronavirus pandemic

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LinkedIn has more than 706 million users in more than 200 countries.

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For the latest news and information on the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

LinkedIn is releasing new tools to make it easier for the unemployed to find work amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The business-oriented social network owned by Microsoft is testing a new tool called Career Explorer, which shows job seekers how their skills relate to thousands of job titles and what skills they have yet to build. Users are directed to online learning courses to learn new skills.

Some of the fastest growing skills on LinkedIn including programming, digital marketing, finance, and data analysis. Companies are also looking for people with communication, management and problem-solving skills.

“In this environment, continuous learning and investment in new skills is very important for job seekers to get them back on their feet,” said Karin Kimbrough, chief economist at LinkedIn, during a press conference.


LinkedIn shows users frequently asked questions to help them prepare for their interviews.


LinkedIn also helps job seekers prepare for an interview by highlighting frequently asked questions related to product management, marketing, and sales. LinkedIn said using #OpenToWork and its accompanying photo frame will help reduce stigmatization related to unemployment.

Kimbrough said companies are still hiring, but there isn’t a “massive upward trend”.

“We’re seeing some improvement, but it’s not happening as quickly and in many countries that don’t have COVID there is likely to be a cap on the discontinuation until a vaccine is widely available and distributed,” she said.

Microsoft estimates that 250 million jobs could be lost worldwide this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has left more than 140 million people unemployed and a further 1.6 billion at risk, LinkedIn said, citing data from the International Labor Organization.

More and more people are turning to LinkedIn to find a job. More than 15 million people joined LinkedIn in the past quarter, and LinkedIn is hiring three members every minute.

LinkedIn expects 150 million new technology jobs to be created in the next year. Some of the most sought after jobs are software developer, sales rep, project manager, and IT administrator.

The coronavirus pandemic is also changing the way people work, as employees stay home to do their jobs. Blake Barnes, vice president of product at LinkedIn, said the company believes remote working will stay here. Job seekers can take advantage of new opportunities and companies have access to more talent.

“We believe this will be part of the future fabric of the workforce,” he said.

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