Learn a new language while saving 50% at Babbel

Learn a new language while saving 50% at Babbel


If one of your personal improvement goals during the pandemic was to master a new language, there has never been a better time. And I don’t think it’s a good time because it looks like the new normal is to stay at home. At the moment language learning app Babbel offers a 50% discount on subscriptionsThis makes immersion in a foreign language more affordable than ever.

In CNET ‘s recent summary of best language learning appsBabbel topped the list. Reviewer Shelby Brown said that Babbel’s apps were most similar in summary to a traditional foreign language course in an online curriculum. The app has an encouraging minimalist layout and every lesson is bite-sized – just 15 minutes so you can integrate it into your busy workday.

Until August 9, Babbel offers a 50% discount on its subscriptions for six, twelve and 24 months. To get the offer, go to the website’s offer page and turn the wheel of savings. Spoiler alert: it will always land at 50%. How the savings add up:

  • 6 months: Regularly, you get $ 44.70 Babbel for $ 22.35 ($ 3.73 per month).
  • 12 months: Regularly, you get $ 83.40 Babbel for $ 41.45 ($ 3.45 per month).
  • 24 Months: Regularly receive $ 155.95 for Babbel for $ 77.90 ($ 3.25 per month).

There are over a dozen languages ​​to choose from, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Indonesian, Danish, Swedish and Turkish.

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