Last-minute leak shows us how the Galaxy S21 Ultra S-Pen case works

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Evan Pale S Pen

  • A last minute leak in the Galaxy S21 series has spawned a lot of marketing videos.
  • One of the videos shows the Galaxy S21 Ultra S-Pen case in action.

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is only hours away, but we already have a great idea of ​​what to expect from the occasion. Now the serial bite Evan Blass has released a lot of marketing video material so as not to leave anything to the imagination.

The videos show everything from camera specs and modes to color variations and more. We also get some clips that cover the Galaxy Buds Pro’s UWB functionality and intelligent active noise cancellation. But we are particularly interested in a video showing the Galaxy S21 Ultra S-Pen. Check it out below.

We take a close look at the S21 Ultra, along with a case that holds the S-Pen on the left. This adds quite a bit of thickness to the left side, but it doesn’t appear to be thick enough to cause major discomfort. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the leaked S-Pen case, but we’re looking at the actual process of removing it for use.

Otherwise, the clip shows a user typing, scrolling, and scribbling with the digital pen. The phone is also expected to support Air View functionality and provide additional functionality (such as image previews) by moving the S-Pen over certain areas of the screen. We’ll probably take a closer look at this functionality in a couple of hours and more.

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