Judge delays TikTok ban – ProWellTech

Judge delays TikTok ban – ProWellTech

Americans can continue to use TikTok for now, Google updates its developer policies and Uber gets approval to resume operations in London. This is your Daily Crunch for September 28, 2020.

The Big Story: Judge Delays TikTok Ban

The saga continues! The Trump administration’s ban on TikTok was scheduled to go into effect today, but over the weekend, a federal court ruled that Americans can continue using the app as a legal challenge over the legality of the ban advances.

A federal judge had already put in place a similar injunction to prevent the WeChat ban from continuing.

Meanwhile, Oracle, Walmart, and TikTok owner ByteDance have also reached a deal that has been approved by the US government and would allow the app to continue running here. However, it appears that the various companies and governments involved in the deal aren’t exactly on the same page.

The tech giants

Google to better enforce Play Store in-app purchase policies, facilitate the use of third-party app stores – Under threat of regulation, Google announced that it is updating its Google Play billing policies to better clarify which types of transactions will be subject to the fees of Google in-app purchases.

Uber wins latest London license appeal, but renewal is only for 18 months – The ride-sharing giant has faced a multi-year battle to get its license back after the city’s transport regulator decided not to issue a renewal in 2017.

Roku introduces a new Ultra player, a 2-in-1 “Streambar” and a new operating system with support for AirPlay 2: the Streambar combines 4K HDR streaming and premium audio in one product.

Startups, financing and venture capital

SoftBank Will Bring Bear’s Servi Robot to Japan, Amidst Restaurant Labor Shortages – Investor has detailed plans to bring Bear’s Servi robot to Japan in an effort to tackle restaurant jobs.

GV Bets On Young Team Behind The HAGS High School Social App – The team is building an old school social game focused on high school socialization Gen Z.

N26 hires Adrienne Gormley as its new chief operating officer – Gormley has spent the past six years working for Dropbox in Dublin.

Tips and analysis from Extra Crunch

2 Strategies for Creating Top-of-Funnel Marketing Content – Even when you’re excellent at making the sale, you still need people to know you exist in the first place.

Deep Science: Robot Perception, Acoustic Monitoring, Using ML to Detect Arthritis: Devin Coldewey collects the latest research and discoveries.

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All the rest

According to two people with first-hand knowledge of the incident, the attack hit UHS systems early Sunday morning, the health care giant UHS hit by a ransomware attack.

Cannabis Vaping Companies Are Experiencing A Sales Boom During The Pandemic – From startups to major players, several leading manufacturers told ProWellTech that their companies have been experiencing a sales boom since the crisis began.

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