Jeep brings the affordable off-road Willys trim to the 2021 Gladiator


Really capable, not really expensive.


Jeeps Gladiator Rubicon is a Hardcore off-road vehicle with immense skills along the way; Unfortunately, it has a suitable price. Jeep didn’t forget the rest of us though, announcing on Friday that the Wrangler’s popular Willys disguise would find its way to become the Gladiator.

Why is that cool? Because it takes a few useful bits out of the Rubicon and adds something black for a lot less than you’d have to shell out for the Rubicon. In particular, it receives the Rock Slider of the Rubicon (handy for off-road vehicles with a vehicle with such a long wheelbase) and a limited-slip differential at the rear. It also gets some chunky 32-inch mud tires that not only look good, but also make off-road life a lot easier.

“Building on the popular Wrangler Willys, we are pleased to announce the addition of the Willys to the Gladiator lineup as another way for Jeep to connect with our customers,” said Jim Morrison, director Jeep for North America, in a statement. “The Gladiator Willys models are based on the original Jeep range and offer an aggressive look and additional performance improvements.”

The Gladiator Willys will bring you back $ 36,760 including the target, which isn’t bad when compared to the Rubicon’s $ 45,615. The Willys is currently available from Jeep dealers.

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