It’s official: We’re not getting a OnePlus 8T Pro

OnePlus 8 Pro 16

  • OnePlus has confirmed that there won’t be a OnePlus 8T Pro.
  • The company is instead directing users to OnePlus 8 Pro.

OnePlus has offered a Pro version of the OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 8 series. However, a major leak earlier this month suggested the company was ditching a OnePlus 8T Pro.

Now OnePlus founder and CEO Liu Zuohu (also known as Pete Lau) has confirmed on Weibo that the OnePlus 8T Pro will not accompany the OnePlus 8T. Check out the post below.

OnePlus 8T Pro Pete Lau Weibo

Lau is instructing users who want a pro-level phone to get the OnePlus 8 Pro instead. The machine-translated text also suggests that OnePlus felt it couldn’t do a major upgrade from the OnePlus 8 Pro with a OnePlus 8T Pro.

For what it’s worth, the OnePlus 7T Pro wasn’t a big upgrade from the OnePlus 7 Pro at all last year. However, the OnePlus 7T has received high praise from critics for having made several key improvements over the OnePlus 7, including a high refresh rate screen and a telephoto rear camera. So it seems the company doesn’t want to repeat the OnePlus 7T Pro situation of launching a Pro model.

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OnePlus 8T rumors and teasing point to a great flagship on paper, but the OnePlus 8 Pro seems to have some extra features in the upcoming phone.

The 8T is expected to feature a 120 Hz screen, 4,500 mAh battery, and faster wired charging. However, the 8 Pro offers wireless charging, a telephoto rear view camera, an ultra-wide camera with higher resolution and an IP rating. Leaks and official information suggest that the OnePlus 8T lacks the three earlier features, while water / dust resistance has also not yet been confirmed.

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