Intriguing New Tech Gadgets Coming to CES In 2020

Intriguing New Tech Gadgets Coming to CES In 2020
Intriguing New Tech Gadgets

Intriguing New Tech Gadgets Coming to CES In 2020

Intriguing New Tech Gadgets: One of the most exciting things about the tech world is that it is always evolving and changing. The Consumer Electronics Show or CES is an event that brings out many of the most exciting gadgets in the world every year. The event has hosted hundreds of thousands of product launches since it first started more than fifty years ago.

Intriguing New Tech Gadgets
Intriguing New Tech Gadgets

The 2020 edition of CES will take place from January 7-10 in Las Vegas. Here’s a look at ten of the most appealing new tech gadgets that will be introduced at CES.

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There are reports that AMD will release the latest standard in its Radeon series of graphics processors this year. The high-end GPU will work as an eight-nanometer model.


The LG company has released many OLED television sets at CES in many years. A transparent OLED set is expected to be released at the 2020 CES show.

Intel 10nm Desktop CPU

10nm mobile chips are being used today, and it is only a matter of time before desktop CPUs work with 10nm chips. Intel will release these more efficient and functional CPUs at the CES show this year.

Sony PlayStation 5

The Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console has been heavily discussed in recent time as a product that will change the gaming industry. Not much is known about what the PS5 has so far, but it is expected that the PS5 will be highlighted in some way at the 2020 CES event.


The autonomous Robomart shopping experience will be highlighted at CES. The checkout-free store provides an opportunity for customers to purchase products from a mobile machine. The Robomart is considered to be an autonomous bodega.


The Promobot is a note mechanical robot item that will work for business promotion purposes. Users can program the Promobot to take in information on business promotions and to answer questions that customers may have. The unit can also recognize faces and become mobile.

Holor Styx

The Holor Styx is a smartwatch designed for women. The Styx has been prepared as a safety watch that provides women with access to all their most important contacts. It is easy for a woman to program the watch and use it to identify who is available in an area.

OjO Commuter Scooter

The OjO scooter is a fully electric scooter model. The model works in bike lanes around the world, but it also has the capacity of handling many road conditions and forms of terrain, thus making it safer than public scooters you might find on the streets in any city.

AutoX L4 Self-Driving Vehicle

Smart vehicles that can drive themselves are among the most interesting in the world. The AutoX L4 vehicle uses cameras all around its body and navigation information to find places to travel while staying safe.

Tractive GPS Cat

Some items at CES are a little more whimsical than others. The Tractive GPS Cat unit is one such item that tracks a cat’s movements with a GPS collar.

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