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Instagram today announced With the introduction of “Live Rooms”, a coveted function has been added to the app that allows up to four people to broadcast live at the same time. Previously, the app only allowed users to stream with one other person, similarly to Facebook Live. The company hopes Live Rooms will open up more creative opportunities in terms of live broadcast formats to accommodate things like live talk shows, extended Q&A or interviews, music jam sessions, live shopping experiences, and more.

In addition to being able to live stream with more people, Instagram is also promoting how the new feature can help developers make more money. Last year, in the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, Instagram introduced badges that fans can use to support their favorite creators during a live video. Once purchased, the badges will appear throughout the live video next to a fan name so they can stand out in the comments and unlock other special features, such as: B. Placement on the issuer’s list of badge holders and access to a special heart.

Badges became more widely available last fall at three prices: $ 0.99, $ 1.99, or $ 4.99.

Live Rooms allows fans to purchase badges to support the hosts (one badge per person) as well as other interactive features such as shopping and live fundraisers. The company says it is also currently developing other tools such as presenter controls and audio features that will be rolled out in the coming months.

To start a live room, swipe left and select the Live Camera option. Name the room and tap the room icon to add guests. Here you will see a list of the people who have already asked to go live with you, and you can search for other guests to add.

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When you start the Live Room, you’ll stay at the top of the screen while guests are added. Guests can be added all at once or individually, as desired. This offers the possibility of adding “surprise guests” to live streams in order to motivate the fans.

The ability to add more guests to a live stream can also help a creator grow their follower base as all of the guests’ followers will be notified of the live room in addition to your own.

For security reasons, no person who has been blocked by any of the Live Room participants will not have access to the live stream. Also, guests who have previously been denied live access for violating Instagram’s Community Guidelines will not be able to enter Live Rooms.

During live broadcasts, the hosts can also report and block comments and use comment filters to ensure a safer experience for all viewers.

Live broadcasting became an increasingly important way for creators, business owners, and brands to stay connected with followers during the pandemic that concluded in-person live events like concerts, shows, courses, conferences, meetups, and more. For example, Instagram saw live views increase by 70% from February to March as developers and companies moved their work online.

Credit: Instagram

As the pandemic lasted through 2020 and through 2021, the lack of personal connection has resulted in other opportunities and even new social networks growing. The Clubhouse live audio platform, for example, was quickly adopted, particularly by technicians and creatives who use the app today to follow live shows, chat sessions, and even well-known interviews. Twitter is now building a rival, and According to reportsFacebook too.

While Clubhouse offers a very different experience, it still works in the same larger area where fans can connect with high profile people – entrepreneurs and founders, celebrities, market experts, thought leaders, influencers and so on. And since user time is limited, it is likely a concern for Instagram and its parents to move this type of activity to platforms that are not owned by Facebook.

In the live video broadcast space, Instagram today faces a number of competitors focused on a specific niche – like the game streaming site Twitch, live shopping apps, and more – as well as general live platforms powered by YouTube and TikTok are offered. (The latter was spotted offer a live stream format with four up values ​​just last month.)

According to Instagram, Live Rooms are now rolling out for both iOS and Android in all global markets. The company expects the rollout to reach 100% of its user base within the week.

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