Indian’s big bikes get Apple CarPlay integration for 2020

Indian’s big bikes get Apple CarPlay integration for 2020

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Indian motorcycle is good in a lot of things, but what it does best is building big, luxurious long-haul cruisers – the kind that gets you to fill up your tank and disappear for a few days.

One thing that makes long journeys like this much more enjoyable, of course, is the music, and Bluetooth communicators have become very good in recent years. Now – with people like Honda and Harley who introduced Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in some of their motorcycles – it’s only fitting that Indians are coming too, and last week on July 29, the company announced that some of its 2020 motorcycles would have Apple CarPlay integration.

Now, before you get started, try to update Your FTRIf you know the system or anything else, you should know that currently only Indian motorcycles with the 7-inch Ride Command system can use CarPlay. You can find this setup on the 2020 Challenger, Chief and Roadmaster Models, currently. Nevertheless, these motorcycles all fit CarPlay excellently, so it makes sense for Indians to start there.

As we have seen from other manufacturers, you need your own Bluetooth communication system to activate CarPlay on Indianers motorcycles – Cardo or Sena are the best choice. From there, the functionality should be similar to what you would expect from all-wheel and other two-wheel implementations.

The integration of CarPlay is huge, but it’s not the only update Indian Ride Command is giving for 2020. It also managed to improve launch times, navigation controls and location management, as well as widgets, including one to track fuel consumption.

We turned to Indian to see if there were any plans to automatically integrate Android, as the Milwaukee people already offered it but didn’t get an answer right away.

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