Indian ride-hailing giant Ola adds tipping option to its app globally – ProWellTech

Indian ride-hailing giant Ola adds tipping option to its app globally – ProWellTech

Now you can tip your Ola driver. On Tuesday, the Indian passenger transport giant said it had implemented this feature for its users in India, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, all countries in which it currently operates.

Ola said that cyclists from each market will see a range of denominations which they can choose as the amount they wish to leave digitally. He plans to allow cyclists to pay a custom amount of their choice in a few weeks, a spokesman for ProWellTech said.

All 2.5 million Ola driver partners globally – from those who run two-wheelers to four – can receive tips, said the nine-year-old giant who jumps into the saddle.

The addition of this feature comes as Ola seeks to broaden its efforts to help its driving partners who have been financially affected in the past few weeks after New Delhi and many other governments around the world have imposed a blockade to curb the spread. of the coronavirus.

Uber first introduced the tipping feature in some U.S. states in 2017 and has since expanded with many other states and nations. It launched the rollover feature to its users in India earlier this year.

Pilot partners on both platforms have long expressed the need for a reversal function to supplement their income after both companies have gradually reduced the incentives they had banned in the early years.

“Since the start of the pandemic, our partner drivers have worked tirelessly to allow essential travel for all the needy, despite facing their own challenges. As the services pick up, they continue to invest personally in ensuring their customers’ safety and offering a comfortable driving experience, “said Ola spokesperson Anand Subramanian.

“By linking the rewards to superior services, we invite our customers to join us to share our appreciation and support them during these trial periods. Not only will the new functionality offer drivers the opportunity to increase their earnings, but it will also show how a small gesture of solidarity and customer support will drive our driver-partner community to go a long way, “he said.

Over the past few months, Ola has announced a series of assistance packages, including exemption from leasing rentals to assist its driving partners. It has also committed to providing driving partners with a few hundred dollars if they or their family members test positive for Covid-19. Uber has not yet offered any significant help to its partner drivers in India.

Like their driving partners, both Ola and Uber have also been affected by the global pandemic. Ola said last month that it was cutting 1,400 jobs, or 35% of its workforce in India. Days later, Uber said he was cutting 600 jobs, or 25% of his local workforce, in the nation. India is a key overseas market for Uber.

In recent months Swiggy and Zomato have started delivering Indian food and have introduced the tipping option in their apps.

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