How to improve Domain authority of your site

How to improve Domain authority of your site

Improve Domain authority: Bloggers always wanted to improve their domain authority to show their class in blogging. Practically, saying most of the blogger are just focusing on their Domain Authority because of the primary factor is that they can get some quality amount in placing banner ads on their site.

This is one of the facts, but it might not be a point for few blogger who doesn’t just think to earn in blogging. But if you want to make money in blogging then you’ll definitely want to increase your authority.

If you are a blogger who doesn’t know about domain authority then, I going to explain in this post you don’t have to worry about that.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority (DA) is a nothing but a website metrics which was developed by the MOZ. It is one of the crucial aspects in Seo. You can simply think that domain authority is a way to measure the power of a domain name and it generally depends on three factors.

The Age of the domain, the popularity of the domain and the size of the domain these three are the aspects which measure the domain authority.

Domain authority DA is the most important factor in SEO; simply the search engines consider rankings of the website by its domain authority.  Although search engine considers various factors to rank but DA is one of the important factors in that various factors list of Google.

The higher your domain authority is, the more your website will get traffic and ranking from Google and also the higher your domain authority will be the more amount of money you can get in sponsor posts and banner ads etc.

Now, if you found that your domain authority was below par and you want to increase your domain authority, then you can increase your domain authority by following some steps, although it takes some time, but you can increase your DA.

You can’t directly change the domain authority it is not that easy as changing the links and Meta description in your post. So, just be keen in knowing how you can enhance your blog or website’s domain authority.

How to improve Domain authority

Here are few factors you should improve to increases your domain authority and also to increase your influence over the search engines.

  1. Enhance your Technical SEO

To improve your domain authority you should first ensure that you technical SEO is up to mark. You should start optimising each and everything regarding the seo. Here technical SEO is nothing but the work you have to do aside from the content. That means you should start optimising the Meta tags, headers, keywords, site navigation, etc.

In most cases improve your seo first then you can automatically improve your Domain Authority.  Here you should optimise content as well. So start optimising the technical SEO, and it ensures to raise your domain authority.

  1. Create a Strong Backlinks for your site

Backlinks will always improve your site, and it has proved many times, and search engines always consider backlinks as one the ranking factor.

So, putting full efforts on internal links can not only benefit your visitors but it also helps you to rank well in Google, and it will be easier for the spiders that crawl and index your site.

You must also concentrate on linking to authority sites. As it brings more results to your site and it can be a nice benefit for your site, but if you link to spam sites which don’t give value, then you will be likely to be penalised by Google.

So always link to high authority sites, then more you produce your content the more options you can get to link to other content.

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The Importance of Backlinks and how to gain best

  1. Create linkable content

Always create a high content where people tends to share their views on your post and share it with others. Not only sharing sometimes you can get a link to your website, and that was a great way to boost your domain authority.

If any authority sources linked your article then you can simply get a lot of traffic to your site, and also you can improve your search rankings as well as domain authority.

It is always important to ensure that your content is having some unique bit of approach and has a quality in every single word you write.

Make sure that your link has a do follow link back when you are writing content for any other blogs as a guest post.

Always do remind one thing your mind, always write for your target audience don’t just write for the search engines, because search engines won’t judge your post your audience will.

  1. Make sure you remove spam

Search engines like Google and Bing, don’t like spam. So, never do spamming on other blogs or never try it on your blog as well. I know search engine optimisation is a painful task, but you have to make sure that you work on the spam so that it pays off in the end.

You have to remember this and remove all the spam comments, and spam links pointed towards your site and also remove links where you unintentionally placed to other spam sites. It is best to do in now because after you get penalised, then you have to do everything from the start. So be brave and think like a blogger.

  1. Increase your social media presence

In today’s digitalized world, having a social presence is one the best ways to improve your website traffic and also it can increase your domain authority.

When you content on your site and visitors just like your writing, then they would like to share your content on their social media channels so as a result, you can get lots of traffic to your site. This means you can get some links pointed towards your website and that improve your social signals.

Once you improve your social signals, search engines will be interested in bringing your content top of the search results because social signals have its own impact on search engines.


This is all about “how to increase your domain authority of your site”. I hope that you found this article helpful. If you have any queries, then do let us know about them either through comment section or contact us page. I would love to hear comments for you.