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Netflix was recently spotted while testing a new method to limit account sharing on its platform. The test shows that with the streaming service, you may soon have to check that you are living in the same household as the account holder. The company has had this policy for a long time but has not yet implemented it.

If the test does indeed result in account sharing restrictions, people watching Netflix on someone else’s account may lose access to the service or be forced to search the account holder for verification codes. They may also need to sign in independently and pay for a new Netflix account to continue access.

So we asked you, our readers, what would you do if Netflix stopped sharing accounts? Would you stick with yourself and get a new Netflix account to watch, or would you stop streaming on the platform? Here’s what you had to say.

Would you sign in to Netflix if the service stopped sharing accounts?


A majority of our readers (83.8%) voted against signing up for a new Netflix account when the sharing stops. Only 16.1% of the 1,050 total voters said they would be forced to independently log into Netflix if the service stops sharing accounts.

Our readers’ comments paint a clearer picture of why they don’t like the idea of ​​restricted account sharing on Netflix. Some people make very valid points that Netflix should be aware of before implementing any restrictions.

Your comments

  • Nix: That just seems like another unnecessary step. Now if you want to use Netflix from your friend or family, you need to listen to them for the code. It won’t stop sharing accounts. Even if it shows they are using it on a different IP, how would you know if the account owner was simply visiting someone else and watching Netflix there? I think it’s stupid but I never use Netflix so obviously it doesn’t concern me.
  • Tom Zeppa: Funny how people say they are going to cut the service when competitors are already not allowing account sharing. Maybe they are planning to give up television and find a new hobby.
  • Chris Vanderheyden: Yeah, ask yourself how they are going to get that through with children living with divorced parents. Do you have to switch accounts every week?
  • Benjamin Eng: I share my account with my parents who live nearby, but in a separate house. If Netflix insists we have separate accounts, they’re good to go and pound the sand.
  • Inno Cent: Sharing accounts is actually fun. Watch movies with family, friends and loved ones. If this is done away with, it will be a huge loss to Netflix as I will try something different.
  • Jan Vagn Kristensen Høegh: You could learn from Disney Plus where you can have up to 7 users and no rules for those 7 to be under one roof.
  • Roberto Suarez: Sooner or later you will have to open your own Netflix account. I just hope Netflix returns the “profit” to us. I mean lowering the monthly fee.

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