HP amplifies its audio game with new accessories

HP amplifies its audio game with new accessories



HP has released a lot of new gaming accessories for under $ 100, including the first 2.1-channel speaker system and the wireless headset for gamers and some mice. The budget crew includes a curved 24-inch gaming monitor, which is not quite within the budget range due to its functions.

The HP X1000 Wireless Gaming Headset.


The new audio products complete the offer omen Options. The HP X1000 Wireless Gaming Headset will be added to the family in August for $ 100. It looks like a wireless offshoot of the HP Pavilion Gaming Headset 600It offers 7.1 virtual surround and 50 mm drivers, a spring band and a flexible (non-retractable) boom microphone.

You can store it in a garage in the left ear cup for the wireless USB dongle when it is not in use. On this cup you will also find controls for volume, power and microphone muting. HP rates the headphones with a battery life of up to 20 hours.

After HP made a big deal about introducing a redesigned Omen brand identity Just a month ago, the X1000 used the cumbersome company logo. This puts them more under the mainstream pavilion Umbrella as an omen despite the absence of an explicit “pavilion” in the name.

HP gaming speaker x1000-4


They’ll be accompanied by the HP Gaming Speakers X1000, a set of 6-watt desktop satellites plus subwoofers that are also slated to ship in August for $ 100. They are small and square, fit under a monitor and have backlighting in a choice of colors. Other specifications include 50mm drivers in the satellites and 100mm drivers in the subwoofer. The sub has a response of 20 Hz to 10 kHz and a signal-to-noise ratio of 70 dB.



A couple of new wired omen mice for righties Palm or claw grabs Debut under a new vector line. There are the Omen Vector Mouse and the Vector Essential Mouse. As you’d expect, the $ 30 Essential model is the cheaper one, while the non-essential device costs $ 50. Both will be delivered this month.

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Both mice use new sensors that were developed with Pixart. The Vector is called Radar 3, a custom version of the PixArt PMW3389 with 16,000 dpi and a tracking rate of 400 inches per second. It is a relatively light mouse weighing 50 grams and weighing 5 g worth 25 g, so you can customize it to your liking. The left and right Omron buttons with a speed of 20 million clicks distinguish them from the Essential button, which uses more general buttons with a click rate of 20 m.

The Essential also uses a lower resolution sensor based on the 7,200 dpi PixArt PAW3327 with a tracking rate of 220ip. It is heavier at a fixed 88 g

Both have six programmable buttons and braided cables.


The group is rounded off by a new 24-inch gaming monitor, which will be delivered in August, the HP X24c. It’s not cheap for its class – $ 250 for a 144 Hz VA 1080p panel with a narrow color gamut and 300 nit brightness. In addition to the inclination, the stand enables height adjustment, which is less common in its price segment. It also supports the adaptive update of FreeSync Premium thanks to the higher update rate and the 4 ms pixel response (gray to gray) in the overdrive.

And it’s curved, which makes it more beautiful, if not better. Curved monitors make no visual sense if they are smaller than about 32 inches like this, unless you plan to create a multi-monitor setup.

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