How to Transform Your Android Smartphone into Desktop

How to Transform Your Android Smartphone into Desktop

Transform Your Android Smartphone : Smartphones have become powerful, there is pretty much nothing they can do, it’s been said many time that smartphones are essential computer which we carry in our pockets, actually there is a debate that says smartphones have replaced typical desktop setup, partly I agree on that too, the reason being the less complex interface, compact size, power house. But, when it comes to multimedia and some of office work I prefer desktop over the smartphone, with this debate never ending a project called Andromium has entered the market.

Transform Your Android SmartphoneWhat is Project Andromium?

The project which can and will turn your smartphone into computer/desktop, it’s both software and hardware. Wondering how would that work? Before explaining let me actually give the requirements, external TV/desktop/monitor and a 35$ dock extension, an android app which connects. The best thing about Andromium is that you can carry it around provided that you have monitor or TV.

So how does the software work?

Once you have a dock which costs 35$, just head to play store and download Andromium app, which is free of costs (for now). The app lets you connect the smartphone and desktop, to say in simple it acts as an interface. The app is still in beta version so you might experience bugs/sudden crashes (bear with that), but the company is updating the app on regular basis so you are covered there. App which packs the Andromium O.S has simple interface and clean U.I, so don’t expect the O.S to be fancy this is no windows 8.1 or windows 10, it’s a well build clean O.S.

Andromium dock has a USB port layered at the bottom, which sits under your smartphone and as a HDMI port, which connects the desktop to display the output. There are three USB 2.0 ports, which can act as USB hub or OTG slitter; it’s just plug and play type mechanism which doesn’t require any sort of rooting, flashing kernels etc. The Dock is connected to power source all the time, which also charges your device.

This simple dock structured tool helps you connect or turn your android phone into fully functional operating system, any wired or wireless device can be connected and accessed. Team Andromium designed to run programs like document reader, internet browsing, and any other functions, which a general operating system would, do, along with this Andromium O.S can run light games like GTA, Crisis 3 with low graphic settings and many other games, which can be played on your smartphone device. Finally, the best part is Andromium supports all most all the smartphones, which were released in the recent years.

Concluding: Andromium did not pay me to write this article, but I found it useful and thoughtful for the people who want more out of their smartphone, just head to Andromium website and register for the dock and get most out of your smartphone.

About Author:  Avinash from Andhra Pradesh, India. With studies, he loves to blog everyday with his lappy. He is the CEO of ^( He likes computer and other related stuff a lot and he is a great music lover.


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  4. I am not too tech savvy but this sounds interesting. Only issue with me is that I find the screen size and keyboards of smart phones too small. I think older people are probably more comfortable with desk tops for that reason. bad vision and not comfy with small size key boards

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