How to start a free blog using BlogSpot

How to start a free blog using Blogspot: People are certainly thinking about blogs these days. It is just because they wanted to have their own space to share anything they want and also to express their views with the world.

As the world is changing pretty quickly towards the digital age, people are changing their minds and focusing on creating something that helps them feel comfortable.

Here I don’t say all people are only trying to start a blog to share, and some may have different thoughts as well.

But mostly majorities of newbies always try to start a blog and earn some money because they just heard someone is earning from blogs, so they just started without any proper thinking and planning.

Here I want to tell all the newbies few words about the blogs. The blogs are just fun to use and work for first few days after few days most of you might delay blogging because of their own needs.

It happens in many cases, I don’t say all will do the same, but most of the newbies do this way. So if you are a newbie who is serious about blogging, then you can start your blogging just like a business.

It is always best to go the self-hosted WordPress blogs, but newbies often don’t want to spend their money on creating anything. This is an entirely true and I do know the intention of the newbie.

Because once I was a newbie in blogging. So here I am going to say the how to start a free blog using BlogSpot.

There are many blogging platforms readily available on Google. All are having the ability to create a good looking and easy processing blogs. But mostly I suggest you use and

Because these two blogging platforms are simply awesome. They just give some great blogging experience for newbies. If you got more interested in blogging, then you can go to the advanced level by designing a professional website with the self-hosted blogs.

If you are looking for ways to create a free blog and earn some money from it, then it is always best to use Blogspot blogging platform. Because it does not only have simple customization options, but it also has the AdSense program where you can earn money.

AdSense is a Google program which gives you money through its advertisements. Most of you might think free BlogSpot blogs can’t earn. But you can quickly activate AdSense to the free BlogSpot blogs rather than the other blogging platforms.

So, I mostly suggest the blog spot.

Let’s get into the today’s topic how to start a free blog using BlogSpot.


How to start a free blog using BlogSpot?

How to start a free blog using Blogspot

Before starting the process of the free blog spot, most of you might be wondering about few question.

So let’s initiate the topic how to start a free blog using Blogspot by answering questions.

Are Blogspot sites are really free?

Blogspot is really free you really don’t have to pay even a penny for that site. Here all you need is to enter your email address and quickly fill all the details and take your blog name. That’s it this is that simple.


Can I customize Blogspot sites?

Of course, you can easily customize Blogspot sites. You can either use these themes in the theme library, or you can design your theme by creating code or by modifying the code. You are having most of the control in your hands on Blogspot blogs. So you can customize easily by your wish.


Can I earn on blog spot?

I think I already answered this question in the introduction part itself. You can earn from the blog spot itself through the Google AdSense program. But here the earning depends on your traffic and other factors.

Now let’s see,

How to create a free blog using Blogspot:

Creating a free blog is really easy through the I’ll just run through all the steps of creating a free Blogspot site.

Step 1:

To create a free Blogspot site. First of all, you should go to the, and you should sign up to create a free site using the It is always a better idea to create a Gmail account. Because it is the quickest way to create a blog on Blogspot.

How to create a free blog using Blogspot


Once you create your account and login into to your account, just enter the name for your blog. After log into to your account, you can find a window which shows the title, address, and templates.

In that just fill the title space with your desired name. After that just go to the domain address and here just opt for any short domain name. If your desired domain name is already taken, then you should try a new one. It is best to choose a unique name to create a free Blogspot blog quickly.

How to start a free blog First step

Step3: After writing the address now it’s time to select the template for your free site. You can easily choose one of those templates from the same window, and you can customize them later on.

Step 4:  That’s it after that process you can see the dashboard of your site, and from that dashboard, you can manage your site.

Step 5: Now, it is time to start creating the new blog posts. Here all you have to do is click on the new post button which is available on the left side of the page.

Step 6: If you just click on the “New post” you can see the editor. Then you can simply fill the title and start writing your content you want to share with your visitors.

Blog Title and Theme selection

Step 7: if you want to change your template. Then you can change it by clicking on the template button on the left side menu. And you change your template, or you can customize your template.

Step8: Google AdSense

Google AdSense is right at the earnings option, and you can find the earning option on the left side menu below the stats and above the campaigns.

Google adsense Account

But do remember one thing, don’t just apply AdSense start away because you will be rejected. Apply to AdSense once you started getting some decent traffic to your website through the search engines to your Blogspot sites.

Once you got approved, you can start the verification process of the AdSense. And you can earn money from the AdSense.

How To Make Money Through Blogging Service

Step 9: if you want to add a logo to your blog spot site then you can do that by going the layout option and add a logo to your header.

These are the basic steps in creating the Blogspot blog ^( I think this guide helped you start creating a Blogspot blog quickly.


This is all about the How to start a free blog using Blogspot. I think I have mentioned all the points. I hope you all liked this How to start a free blog using Blogspot. If you have any doubts or you have to say anything, then you can let me know in comment section.