How To Restore WordPress from Its Backups with WordPress Plugin

Restoring WordPress from Its Backups with WordPress Plugin

Restore WordPress: Generally, the WordPress assisted to post your information and useful comments on the page, this is act as a blog, is defined as the software, which mainly used to expand and derive functionality, here the WordPress org used to upload and convey the plugins in your site.

This is a great free platform to restore and backup process. In this WordPress the UpdraftPlus is used to simplify the restoration and backups, this is performed backup into dropbox, cloud, Google Drive, DreamObject, Rackspace cloud, SFTP, SCP, FTP, OpenStack, WebDAV and restore, this process is restored with the single click. The database and backups files could have separate schedules.  

Restore WordPress
Restore WordPress

Restore WordPress


The UpdraftPlus is one kind of highest and top-ranking backup of the plugin. In this WordPress there are more than thousands of customers or users are available. This is widely reliable and tested one you can download millions of files. The word press is also used to increase the traffic on your websites.

It contains both database and file restoration, the file backup automatically runs with the repeated schedule. You can easily identify the migratory and duplicators, WordPress will allow the user to copy the contents and file from the site to move another novel location. WordPress will provide the idea of how to making money through blogging.

The failed or unsuccessful files are automatically retried and separated. If the sites have a large size of files then it will automatically divide into multiple archives. The user has to select their file that means which file going to the backup process. this includes content themes and plugin.


Before performing the restore and backup by using the plugin you have to choose the best components on the website, and you should download the backup archives of backups directly from the WordPress dashboard. This type of backups will assist to perform the encryption process for security purpose.

WordPress plugin

In the WordPress plugin, the debug mode is used to identify the errors on the file and database in which it will afford full details of logging backups on the website. This is the premium version and offers lots of support along with the facility. The plugin mainly used to improve your sites and raking, the service will give the guarantee for thirty days. In the restoring and backup process with the plugin, you have to understand seven steps that are

  • Understanding the restoring and backups of WordPress
  • Manually restoring the WordPress files by using FTP
  • Restoring WordPress by using the Backupbuddy of backup files
  • Troubleshooting of backup restores and its issues
  • Restoring the WordPress database with backup by using phpMyAdmin
  • Things to perform a process of restoring the WordPress site
  • Restore the WordPress database with backups by using cPanel.

These are the seven steps in the WordPress login

Database backups

In the understanding restoring and backups WordPress it has different ways to build the backups. In which you may use plugins for creating the database backups, the manual backups also available in a plugin.

The plugin will reduce the backup size, rather than it will increase steps wanted to restore. The next important step is manually restoring the WordPress files by using the FTP, if you want to clear and remove the hacked site and malicious code then you should drop every file in your site this is the essential thing, you can delete all the things by using FTP or cPanel.

Backup buddy

The Backupbuddy files are mainly used to provide the authentication to your file and database, it is possible to hack your files and information so you have to create the authentication and should provide security to your website.