How to Reset windows phone both in hard and soft methods

How to Reset Windows Phone:

Resetting phone can do many things and can also solve number of problems.  If you strive to reset your window phone but don’t know How to reset windows phone.

Then here is the clear guide which explains about How to reset windows phone in both factory reset manner and soft reset manner.

Most of you might know about the factory reset and soft reset process but if you don’t know about the factory reset and soft reset then don’t worry, I will clearly explain it to you.

Let’s get into the topic How to reset windows phone.

Soft Reset:

Soft reset is nothing but a restart of device, you can solve most of your problem of smart phones with this soft reset.

The soft reset is just done by turning off the power, when you turn of the power this action closes applications and it will simply clear all the data in RAM (Random Access Memory). This type of reset will not remove saved files and applications which are saved on the hard drive.

All unsaved information on your device whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC will be lost.

This Soft Reset will solve simple problems such as:

  • Not receiving call, Messages.
  • It will solve can’t make calls issues.
  • Lag or sluggishness.
  • Can’t receive emails.
  • Audio Issues.
  • Incorrect time and data.
  • Incorrect Audio issue.
  • Network related issues.
  • Minor software issues.
  • Touch responsiveness issues and so on.

These are the few issues which can be solved by the soft reset, if you are having these kind of problems then you can solve your issues by using soft reset. Mostly you can power off your device and restart the device after 15-30sec for soft reset.

How to do Soft reset for windows Phone:

There are two ways to do the soft reset in windows phone, both ways are easy to remember.  The first method is always a preferred method for the soft reset that is pressing the power button off.

First Method and preferred Method:

  1. Press and hold the Power button of your smart phone.
  2. Now, drag the window to the bottom of the screen to power off your device.
  3. Once you see the “good bye” message stay clam for 15-30sec and allow the device to completely power off.
  4. Then just give 10 more seconds to assure that phone is properly reset.
  5. After that press and hold the power to power up your device or to start your device.

That’s it this method can solve minor issues in your windows phone. Now let’s see the Alternative method.

Second Method and Alternative Method:

  1. If you are unable to reset your windows phone with power button, then you can use this method.
  2. Just press and hold the volume down and power button simultaneously, then you will find the phone vibration, when you get that vibration release both volume down and power button at time.
  3. That’s it your windows phone will soft reset itself.

Tip: If you find your Power button isn’t turning off your phone, then just click on power button for 10Sec or more. It will automatically shut down this is also a process of soft reset.

Until now, we have seen about the soft reset, although soft reset can solve some minor problems in your phone but it can’t resolve major problems.

For all the major problems you need to factory reset your phone which means hard reset.

Now, let know about the hard reset.

What is Hard Reset or Factory Reset?

Hard reset is know as the factory reset.  In this process the phone or device will revert back to its original state along with the settings. The Phone or device will re initialize the core hardware components of the device by removing all the operations.

Totally you will find your device as the new device that is like an unboxing new device. All your performed and saved information and apps will be remove and can’t be restored once if you do this process.

This is factory reset is often the last reset in troubleshooting any hardware device and it is one of the powerful step to solve unresolved problems and virus problems of your phone.

Hard Reset will simply revert back to the original phone factory settings by cleaning all data. So, you can’t restore your data unless and until you have a backup with you.

This Hard reset will Solve Problems such as:

  • You can solve Corrupted software issues.
  • You can remove virus from your device.
  • You can fix all your windows phone glitches.
  • Revert Back you phone to original settings.
  • Remove all unnecessary and bad application.
  • Remove anything that has created you the problem.
  • In explicable battery performance.
  • Unsolved typical hardware problems.

You can solve these issues by hard reset. This hard reset or factor reset is the one last solution any problem and it is recommended by many experts for unsolved problems.

If you are wondering “How to reset windows phone” then you don’t have to worry here I am going to say about the how to hard reset window phone here.

Let’s get into the topic,

How to Hard reset windows phone:

There are two different ways to hard reset windows phone, one is through the windows phone operating system interface and other one is from windows phone hardware buttons.

Here I am going to show you “How to reset windows phone” in way it get back the new windows phone state.

Let’s get into that,


First way:  Through the windows Phone OS interface:

  • In this way, first head over to the settings option.
  • Click on “about” option.
  • Tap “Reset your Phone”.
  • After you tap on “Reset your Phone” you will find a warning.
  • Just confirm by tapping “YES”.
  • That’s it your phone will revert back to its new and original state.


Second way:  Through Phone Reset:

To hard reset in windows phone you can follow some steps, but depending on your phone company the steps will change.

Let’s get into the Nokia Lumia devices,


How to hard reset Nokia Lumia:

  • First and foremost things you have to do is Switch off your phone.
  • Then Press and hold “Camera+ Power + Volume Down buttons.”
  • After few seconds, the phone will vibrate.
  • Now, release the power button soon it vibrates along with holding the camera and volume down.
  • After 5 to 10 seconds release the holding camera and volume down buttons.
  • That’s it after the process you find your device as the new device.


How to hard reset in Samsung and HTC:

  • The first things is switch off your mobile.
  • Press and hold volume down button.
  • Then press the power button.
  • After pressing power button release the volume down button.
  • Now you can find a screen with exclamation icon.
  • After seeing that just press volume up button.
  • Then press volume down button by releasing the volume up button.
  • After that, press power button by releasing the volume down button.
  • Finally, press volume down button by releasing the power button.
  • That’s it you will then see the new device after that process.



  • Switch off your Huawei smart phone.
  • Then press and hold camera + Power + Volume down button.
  • After few seconds, you can see phone vibrates.
  • Then release the power button along with holding the camera and volume down button.
  • When the screen appears, just release both the camera and volume down buttons.
  • Then press the windows key twice to confirm you action.
  • That’s it after doing these you can find your phone as a new phone.


This is How to reset windows phone I have mentioned both the hard reset method and soft reset method.

Recommended: It is always safe to take a backup of your phone or device before hard reset process.

How to reset windows phone?


Finally, I think you I have answered your How to reset windows phone question. If you have any doubts then you can let us know in comments section. I’d love  to solve problems of my users.