20 How to promote your blog effectively to get traffic

How to promote your blog effectively:

How to promote your blog: Newbies often find it hard to get quality traffic to their blogs. Almost all newbies will have a daunting question in their mind, and that is “how to promote your blog?”.

If you are the one who is trying to find the perfect answer for that, then you are at right place. Here you can find out the best ways to promote your blog.

Most of you might think is it how to promote your blog is a good question or not? If you are having that in your mind, then don’t worry this is a real issue for almost all the marketers who are struggling with that.

Most of the pro bloggers always advice newbies to concentrate more on promoting content. You can see bloggers like Joseph Jaffe still recommends spending 90% of your time in just helping your blog post you wrote and the other 10% to do other activities of your day.

How to promote your blog
How to promote your blog

Actually, at the start of blogging newbies often tends to take advice from pro bloggers. And most of the pro blogger does give useful information, but often newbies aren’t satisfied with those suggestions. It is just because newbies often want a clear explanation where pro blogger can’t afford that time to explain to everyone.

So, it has been a daunting task for all newbie bloggers. Most of the newbies always think writing an excellent piece of content can drive massive traffic to their blogs.

Is it happening? Can writing excellent content will drive traffic?

To be practical, writing excellent content is always a good factor to get traffic but great content and backlinks only can’t generate traffic, shares, and likes on social media platforms.

This fact has been proved recently by the New York Times. In a recent article in New York Times, they have written a piece with the title “The Blogs falling in an empty forest, mean” and most of the blogs fail in getting traffic, and they quit blogging.

This is the fact; the New York Times has analyzed many bloggers and got to the point that the reason behind stopping their blogs is not getting traffic.

Not only in New York times survey you can see this type of results in many studies. I have asked few of my blogger friends that what’s the reason of quitting blogging. And they have given similar answers.

So, I made up my mind and decided to help all the bloggers and marketers to promote their blog effectively to get massive traffic to their blogs in 2017. Here in this article, I’ll explicitly mention how to promote your blog with the advanced and basic strategies.


How to promote your blog: 20 Best ways to promote your blog:

These are the twenty best ways to promote your blog in 2017. Most of these methods are always used by pro bloggers and experts to get quality traffic. So, you shouldn’t miss these 20 best strategies to promote your blog.

Remember: Promoting your blog with low-quality content may ruin your reputation. So, it is always best to create an excellent piece of content and then focus on promoting content. Always do remember you should maintain quality content on your blog.

If your content is meaningless means, you will not get traffic and instead, you will some of the promotional ways won’t work for you. So try your best in creating unique content. You don’t have to copy others writing style to write unique content. All you should do is write content in your way and make sure it gives value to your users that’s it.

Now let’s get the 20 best ways to promote your blog.

  1. Use the power of Social Media to get quality traffic:

Social media is one of the best places to share your content without any struggle. I know that most of you might already know about this trick because it is the necessary step these days.

You should use the power of social media and start efficiently sharing your blog posts. There are lots of social media websites these days, so it is best to opt for the best sites which you can get attention from.

As you all know about this point, I am going to cut a clear explanation, and I will touch few points that are it. Usually to get traffic in social media the first weapon of any blogger is the headline. You should always focus on creating a headline for social media.

Here the headline should be compelling, and it should attract all the user’s eyeballs so that you can get more traffic. It is always a good practice to share your blog posts on all popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Digg deeper, Instagram, etc.

Most of the people always argue that people should focus on only a few social media networks where they are having enough following. But my advice is to share on all popular social media sites because it can give your right amount of traffic.

You can use the power of your time zone and post your tweets at multiple periods of the day. It can help you to get the attention of other users. Pro bloggers like Guy Kawasaki always use this technique to improve his traffic.

  1. Always Build an Email List:

The power of marketers still stays in Email list only. If you are a real marketer, then you might already know about the power of building the email list.

These days lots of new bloggers are quitting the essential aspect without proper knowledge. People are just not building email lists on their websites. This is where the newbie bloggers are falling.

The building email list is always crucial, and by building the email list, you can create a user base where you can send all your blog posts to your email subscribers.

It is always an important point so you should focus on building an email list. Here sharing only the sales pages and other product promotions to you email subscribers still won’t work. To keep your subscriber with you, you should be very careful in creating newsletters. You should focus on email topic which they are interested in and should send them in an email.

By doing this, you are encouraging your customer to come back to your site and also you are making them happy. So, they are more likely to stay on your subscriber list, and they also share your posts with others.

  1. Email Out Reach: How to promote your blog

The most vital and efficient way to get traffic is through email outreach. Email outreach is nothing but the way to connect with the influencers and other bloggers in your niche.

If you are struggling with your small social media follower and less following your blog, then you can take advantage of this practical and impressive step.

Here you should follow some vital steps in doing email outreach. Mostly people do fail in impressing other bloggers. It is just because they send useless content or they merely try to command others in emails. That’s is a bad practice so you should avoid that.

Now to do an email outreach properly, you should create an excellent piece of content, and you should create a list of people who might be interested in those kinds of topics.

To find the people you can make use of tools like Buzz Sumo. Here you can locate the audience who liked the content most, and you can make a list of bloggers and influencers. After making a list of bloggers now, you should send an email in a kind and impressive way.

Your approach should be decent, and at the same time, it should be interesting. If you need some help in creating an email, then you can take help of the interesting article written by Neil Patel “how to write an email outreach effectively.”

  1. Comment on other blogs:

Commenting on other blogs can be helpful in getting traffic to your blog. Most of the newbies don’t believe this strategy. But the fact is, this strategy will work if you do it properly.

Blog commenting is one of the best ways to promote your blog that’s why included this point in this article how to improve your blog. Here commenting helps you to build some valuable relationship with the fellow bloggers and also with the audience of the other websites.

In most of the cases, you will get nofollow links from blog commenting, but few sites will provide a dofollow link for your blog so that it will be helpful for you. Here in the blog commenting you can improve your blog traffic only by commenting with the genuine tone.

Always remember never write irrelevant comments or don’t use an excellent post or helpful post. These types of comments are old comments which are well known as spamming. Most of the people try to add their links or their posts in comments. But it shouldn’t be happening, be careful while keeping those types of comments.

You Should try to write an insightful comment which is relevant to the blog post. It is always best to read the full article and then proceed to comment. If you follow these tips, then you might have a chance to attract visitors to your sites.

  1. Guest blogging: How to promote your blog

The best way to connect with other bloggers and to promote your blog and name is through guest blogging. Guest blogging is nothing but guest posting it is a way to promote your blog and your name.

If you featured in any high authority blogs, then you can get traffic from the guest post you wrote. It is one of the best options to gain traffic, although it is the oldest way of getting traffic, it will work.

Here the main thing you should do is just search and target your niche blogs and then search for the readership of those blogs and then proceed to guest blogging. You should always choose a high readership blog because you will have a great chance to get massive traffic from those blogs.

In some cases, you can get a link back to your website. So, it is always best to pick high domain authority blogs to guest post.

  1. Answer Questions in Q & A sites:

Getting traffic is harder these days than the earlier days. So, you have to take every possibility you get in your way to get traffic. That’s why you should make use of question answering sites. You can simply answer to question in sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers to get traffic to your site.

Here the Quora and Yahoo Answers are the two most crucial question & answering sites. These sites are having millions of audiences so you should target them.

Here you have answer user’s questions and just leave your site link in this reply. But remember just leave relevant link don’t just place all irreverent links on the answers. You should make sure that you search for your related niche in Quora and then see the question which you know about. And then finally answer those issues, if at all you need to show more information than you can provide your blog link.

Google has started giving value to these links these days. So, these sites are helpful these days to get some traffic easily without remaining and doing experiments. This point is logically a valuable point in this post how to promote your blog.

  1. Always be active in Facebook groups:

Facebook groups are one of the best places to get awesome traffic. You can simply connect with the world of bloggers and newbies with these Facebook groups. Here from this Facebook group, you can share your posts, feedbacks, product reviews and so on.

Here all you should do is choose a Facebook group with lots of active users. And start interacting with other members of the group. By communicating with other Facebook group member, you can get some knowledge, and at the same time, you can build your influence as well.

The thing you should remember in this strategy is you should interact with other bloggers posts as well because it is the way to build a friendly relationship. This is one of the best points in this list of how to promote your blog.

  1. Make use of online forums:

Online forums are everywhere around the internet. These days’ forums are beneficial to get traffic. Here forms are slightly similar to the Facebook groups and Quora. But the only difference between them is forums are not the question and answer sites or social media groups.

You can see there are a hell lot of online forums these days. Here all you should do is pick the best forum which is helpful to you, and you should choose the niche forum you are targeting.

After selecting the online forum, you have to get registered in that forum, and you should interact with the other users and solve their problems that it.

Here by using forums, you can draw lots of attention to your blog. If you are helpful in solving problems and having an impressive profile, then users love to visit your site.  So, this way to can get benefit from the online forums.

  1. Syndicate your blog content to get traffic:

Syndicating content is a well-used strategy by lots of pro bloggers and experts. Here syndicating content is nothing but publishing your own website content in other high authority websites by giving syndicating rights. This process is usually used by lots of pro bloggers these days. This type of guest posting always needs a relevant niche site.

If you want to syndicate your content, then you can do it, but before doing that, you should choose the relevant niche. That is the vital part of the syndicating content. You can see there are various sites which do accept these types of content.

Some of the popular sites are medium, LinkedIn, and other high authority sites. You can do syndicate content anytime. Here all you need is just register into the accounts and publish your posts. The important thing you should remember is you should include links which are relevant in your blog post so that you can get traffic back to your site. The importance of this site has forced me to add this point in the list of how to promote your blog.

  1. Make Use of HARO: How to promote your blog

HARO is the other site which is best in getting traffic. The HARO is nothing but a media queries site; here you can see lots of questions which required answers for the press people. You can get lots of media attention with the use of this website HARO.

You can use this tool to help out the reporters. To help all you should do is create your account and search for the question. After that, you can get quote requests from the journalist straight into your inbox.

If you know the answer to those queries which are sent to your inbox, then you can help them through HARO. Later on, if your answers were right and if they are helpful to the reporters. Then they will include your words in his or her article of the media, and along with that, they will link back to your site.

By this process, you can get a lot of media attention towards your blog and along with that you can also can backlinks. This is a useful strategy that’s why I included this article how to promote your blog.

  1. Create Link Bait to get traffic: How to promote your blog

Link bait is one of the effective ways to get traffic these days. Here link bait is a content on your website that links to other sites. Simply when you work out on email outreach right in your content by featuring other bloggers and business owners. This process is called as link bait, and it works pretty well for most of the blogs.

Link bait is a process which attracts links by favoring the egos of those bloggers and business owners which you have included in your list. This process can increase the chances that they share your content or eBook or other links on their website or their social page. As a result, you can get huge traffic towards your article.

Sometimes people even link your content on their site so it would be helpful for you in search engine rankings. You can do this link bait by writing about other bloggers or business owners and linking to their websites. In some cases, you can even ask them to contribute to your content.

The best part of link bait is by including other bloggers and experts in your content. You can make your content look better for your readers. Most of the cases, newbies just try link bait, but they won’t say that they included bloggers in their content.

Here, if the person you include in your content doesn’t know ]that you have added them to your content. Then you have to make sure that you at least inform them by either social media profiles or by emailing them or mentions on twitter etc. if you properly do link bait, then you can get lots of traffic towards your site.

  1. Do Expert Roundups and Encourage Expert to share:

Expert roundups are the trending tactic used by lots of bloggers to get proper attention towards their blog. If you want, you can hover around you to check out some expert roundups in other sites. These days’ websites are always using expert roundups to improve their blog readership.

If you want to leverage your reach to thousands of users for your content, then you should start doing expert roundups.

Most of you might think of how you will reach experts in your niches? Is it possible?

If you are thinking about the above questions, then yes you can reach experts in your niches to do an expert roundup. Here expert round-up means you are doing an interview for a group of experts in your niche. You may ask them one of or two questions which are useful for others. After that, you have to compile those answers from the experts on your list, and you can get massive traffic for your blog.

Remember: once you completed your expert roundup and published on your blog. Then just ping all the experts you have included on your blog and ask all the bloggers who are featured to spread a word and share your post on their social media accounts. As experts will have a proper social reach, so you get the attention of the expert readers as well.

  1. Do Case Studies of Influencers and Ask them to Share:

Case Studies is one of the best ways to generate traffic for your blog. Here in case studies all you have to do is identify an influencer in your niche with an excellent social reach. Then do a case study about those influencers and then get them to share your post online on their social media.

This case studies is a similar step to expert round-up, but the only difference between the both is, in the roundup, you will ask a question to various expert bloggers. But in case of study, you will take an influencer in your niche and explain about them in a post.

Generally, case studies have much potential to drive thousands of views and hundreds of shares. So, you have to choose a perfect influencer and then do a case study on them. Always remember one thing case study should be informative and it should give some information to your readers. If it is not that valuable, then you really can’t get adequate traffic from that case study.

  1. Run a blog contest: How to promote your blog

Contests are always an actual way to promote your blog and get some traffic. Running a competition on your blog is an excellent way to promote your blog quickly. To run a blog contest, you can make use of the tools like Raffle copter and Gleam to host your contest right on your website.

There are many ways you can collect entries for your contest including blog comments, social shares, and other email signups. These all will help you drive traffic to your site and also contributes to creating your community so, that you can drive traffic from the community later. The crucial point of the contest is you should make sure your prize is exciting and useful for people.

People always think about participating in your contest so to excite them you have to offer a meaningful and exciting gift for the contest winner. Then only most of the people will be involved in your contest along with that you should target your niche audience.

It is always a bad practice to give cash for the blog contest, instead of cash you should offer them a giveaway product or something which is related to it. Then only you can grab a lot of attention and increase your blog readership.

  1. Submit to Content Curators:

Content curation is a process where you get some traffic. This process is all about gathering information which is relevant to a particular topic or the area of interest. There are many sites which focus on content curation on a specific topic. So, you should use some of them content curating sites in your niche. Here in content curation sites, you can see a system of upvotes and downvotes to decide the popularity of the article.

Some of these exciting content curation sites are dig, medium and web designer news and so on. In these sites, some shared content on all topics whereas some sites will only share content from one niche. This is a useful step, so I included in this article how to promote your blog effectively.

  1. Publish longer content and add share buttons:

Longer content works better in search engine rankings. Many types of research and case studies have shown that Google and other search engines give most preference to the longer form of content. The content which is longer and comprehensive has proved to work long enough in search engines.

Research by serpIQ has shown some interesting facts, they have analyzed over 20,000 keywords and finally came to a statement that the top 10 results for those 20,000 results have more than 2000 words articles. So they came to know that longer form of content works well then the site which is fewer words.

Similarly, research by buzz sumo & Moz has stated that they analyzed more than 1 million articles and found that articles which are having 3000 to 10000 words get twice as many shares and four times the links content that have below 1000 words. So, by this, you can know the power of the longer form of content.

Hereafter you produce long content just add social sharing buttons to all places of your site. So, that you can get more shares by keeping social sharing button, you are encouraging people to share your site.

  1. Get your blog on all social bookmarking sites:

Social bookmarking sites are best in generating traffic to your websites. Most of the people always prefer to find content through popular social bookmarking sites. So you have to apply your blog content on social bookmarking sites.

You can apply your blog to have blog content on these sites to help people who are interested in a particular niche topic. You can also discover your posts ideas by this social bookmarking sites.

Some of the best social bookmarking sites you shouldn’t miss:

All top: This is a site with tons of categories you can find your niche in this social bookmarking site. Once you select your niche, simply submit your blog to get your content out there in front of the new audience to check it out.

Stumble upon: Stumble upon is another site where you can add your blog to the right category to help people to discover the content you cover. Similar to All top you can sign up for a free account, and you can submit your blog for stumble upon to consider your blog. Digg is another social bookmarking site which we already said in the above points it could also help in generating traffic.

  1. Engage in cumulative sites and upvoting communities:

To get traffic in this busy world, you should be participating in aggregate sites. If you never heard of these sites before then, you should know about these sites now. These total sites are sites where you can share your content and other bloggers content in your niche to help your community bloggers who are in your niche.

These sites will have upvotes and downvotes aspect. Communities will have a chance to judge your content by upvoting or downvoting. These types of sites are helpful in the city to gain knowledge.

Some of these sites are Reddit, biz sugar, box nut, product hunt, hacker news, data, lobster, etc.

  1. Include your blog links and your posts in your email signature:

An email signature is always necessary in today’s digital world. If you want to drive traffic to your blog, then you have to create an email signature to catch your audience attraction. Including name is comfortable with the help of Wise Stamp. Here all you should do is enter your contact information, professional picture or your business logo and your blog RSS feed. After adding these grab the code from the WiseStamp application and just add it to your email signature which is available in your email client. That’s it everything is done.

  1. Use push notification: How to promote your blog

Push notification is always helpful to reach your mobile audience effectively. You can send responsive emails to reach your audience on the go. But these days mobile has been an x-factor for traffic. So you should be taking proper care of mobile traffic as well. That’s why you have to send a mobile push notification that shows up on your Android or IOS devices. This notification will be seen similar to the information you get on your mobile. So to generate traffic you have to use this method. This is the best point, so I included this in how to promote your blog post.

These are the best strategies to promote your blog and to get massive traffic from your blog posts.

Conclusion: How to promote your blog

This is all about how to promote your blog. All these techniques are helpful in generating massive traffic to your blog posts and your website. Here all you have to do is apply all these steps to enjoy lots of traffic to your site.

I hope you all like this article how to promote your blog. If you have any doubts, then you can let me know them in the comment section. Please don’t forget to share “How to promote your blog”

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