How to Pre-Order the Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Pro 8 1

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If you’re looking for Microsoft’s latest Surface devices, then you’ve come to the right place. Microsoft’s September 22 Surface event is over, and if you missed it, the company revealed the Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Pro 8, as well as the Surface Pro X, the Surface Duo 2, and Surface Go 3.

All of the devices are set to launch on October 5, the same day as Windows 11. A Surface for everyone will be available that day, be it the all-powerful Laptop Studio or the budget-friendly Surface Go 3. If you’re in the market for a new Surface, we’ve got you covered with this look at how you can pre-order all those devices today ahead of their release.

Pre-order from Microsoft

You should check the Microsoft Store first if you’re looking to pre-order. There won’t be any deals there, though, as these are the newest devices and they don’t usually get discounts. However, if you’re a student, member of the military, or teacher, you can use get a discount on these devices via the store through your Microsoft Account.

Surface Laptop Studio — starting at $1,600

Surface Pro 8 — starting at $1,099

Surface Pro X — starting at $900

Surface Go 3 — starting at $400

Surface Duo 2 — starting at $1,500

Surface Slim Pen 2 — $130

Pre-order from Best Buy

Best Buy has an interesting offer for new pre-orders on the Surface Pro 8 and the Surface Laptop Studio. If you purchase the devices there, you can get an Xbox controller and three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included for free, which is a $100 value. Three months of Xbox Game Pass is worth $40 and an Xbox Controller is $60.

Surface Laptop Studio — starting at $1,600

Surface Pro 8 — starting at $1,099

Pre-order or purchase Surface accessories

In addition to the Surface devices, Microsoft also launched some accessories. These include the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse, as well as the Surface Adaptive Kit. The Microsoft Ocean Plastic mouse is made of 20% recycled ocean plastic recovered from waterways and can be purchased today for $25.

As for the Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit, it is not currently available for pre-order or purchase. This accessory is designed to make devices more accessible without compromising on form or function. Keycap labels, bump labels, port indicators, and even device openers are just some of these accessories that Microsoft is now making. The Kit will be available later this year on this webpage.

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