How to make money on YouTube: Smart Guide for Newbies 2017

How to make money on YouTube:

How to make money on youtube: Most of the people often see YouTube because it is the 2nd largest search engine. YouTube can easily process more than the 3 billion searches a month. And 100 hours of video is uploaded to the YouTube database every minute by the YouTubers. It is one of the biggest video search engines in the world, and it is even larger than the Bing, Yahoo and Ask search engines as well.

How to make money on YouTube

Usually, Most of the people know about the YouTube and its records. I think I don’t have to say especially about its records and also I don’t have to say that most of the people access YouTube on a regular basis to watch instructional videos or to watch out thriller or music video or to just do time pass by watching videos.

Nowadays, you can see the other set of people as well. They just look at the YouTube as their primary revenue source and some as their profession. In fact, this is true because most of the Youtubers make millions.

For Ex: PewDiePie is a YouTube channel who reportedly made $15 million from YouTube and also the Roman Atwood is the other YouTuber who earned $8 million from the YouTube.

You might think I am kidding when I say you can make some huge dollars from YouTube videos. But, I am not kidding it is true, and It is proved several times.

Sadly, it isn’t that easy to make money from YouTube. Most of you might think that YouTube is the funniest money making trick that everyone can try but the fact is, it isn’t that easy at all.

Actually, to make money from YouTube, you have various ways. In those ways, google AdSense is the first and best way to earn income from YouTube. But if you are having proper influence in Google and having lots of views then you can quickly make a hell lot of amount from other ways as well.

Now let’s see,

How to make money on YouTube:

As I already mentioned above, to earn money from YouTube there are various ways. In those ways, the first and primary method is earning from the ads. You can make handsome amount of money by Google AdSense ^(

Although most of the Youtubers believe that AdSense is generating low income, you can see hell lot of YouTubers ^( who were already earning millions from Google AdSense.

Let’s see the steps to build the YouTube channel and create an AdSense account.


Setup and create your YouTube channel:

The first thing is first, to make money from YouTube. You should set up a YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel is your personal place on youtube, and you can monetize your own space to earn some money.

Each and every youtube account is attached to one youtube channel. The Gmail account is same as the Google account you don’t have to log in separately. Creating your YouTube account can grant full access to the other Google products such as Google Drive, Gmail, Maps, etc.

Here all you have to do is create your own account on Gmail. You can even use your existing account. Then add some unique keywords as your channel name to make it easier for people to see and remember your channel. You can even add keywords by hovering over to the advanced section of your YouTube channel, and then you can add some relevant keywords to your content.

Things you should remember:

  • Your channel name should be simple and much easier to remember.
  • Your username can also work for you if it is your channel name.
  • People like short and sweet names, so it best to keep your channel name short and sweet.
  • If you are using an existing account, then you can use your username, or you can edit and use your google plus account name.


Add some great content to your channel:

After creating an account, all you should focus on is creating a great content. Try to upload some high-quality content which isn’t too bad and too long. The content length mainly depends on the content you choose and the information you are giving.

Follow these tips to rock your channel:

  • Always make sure your upload a high-quality video.
  • Never drag your video too long without any content in it.
  • Even if you can’t produce content at the start, you can try to improve your work by learning things.
  • You should try to improve your videos by using some good camera or by editing it neatly.
  • In some cases, you should also try to improve your lighting of the video and make sure it is clearly visible to the audience.
  • Uploading videos on regular basis can help you to build authority, and it also helps you to get more audience to your site.
  • People who subscribe your channel wants to see more content from you. So you should focus on creating more content for your subscribers.
  • Always make sure to tag your all videos with the keywords that correctly describes about the content. Here impressive title and description with proper keywords get some genuine results.


Monetize your videos:

After creating a channel and producing appropriate content on a regular basis. Now you should start monetizing your videos. You can do that by enabling monetization option. Which means you are allowing YouTube to place ads on your video. Along with that, you acknowledge Google that there are no copyrights issues on your videos.

Things you should do:

  • To monetize a video, you should click on the monetization tab, and you should check the “Monetize with Ads” option.
  • If you want to monetize video after it has been uploaded, then you can open your video manager —- Click the “$” sign — Next to the video. Then just check monetize with ads option.


After hitting on monetization process, you should set up Google AdSense account. Let’s see how to configure Google AdSense.


Set up Google AdSense:

To set up Google AdSense account, you should sign up for AdSense. Setting up AdSense in YouTube is far easier than setting up AdSense for blogs.

In this case, you can easily hover over to the Google AdSense then just click on the signup button. Then after just create your account by filling all the details.

Note: Here to apply AdSense you should be at least 18 years or older. If you are younger than that, then you can take help of the parents to create an account.

Here after creating AdSense account, you need a PayPal account or valid bank and a valid postal address. Because AdSense will send a verification number to your mailing address. You should type those numbers in AdSense in order to verify your identity.

After verifying your identity, you can then receive a check of your earning only when you reach your payment threshold.


Check your analytics:

Once you create your AdSense account and successfully published your videos. All you have to do is recheck all the video settings and make sure you monetized all your videos. In some cases, you might miss few videos, so it is best to recheck. After checking that you should always have an eye on your analytics.

Because analytics shows you all the statistics, you need such as demographics, views, performance, video likes, dislikes and more.

That’s it from this process you can earn money from YouTube. Here you should always remember one thing here your ads show up in videos, so your video views are always important.

If you get a number of views, then you can earn a bit more than your normal earnings.

Here if you really get massive YouTube views, then you can become a YouTube partner. Let me say about that,

Become a YouTube partner:

YouTube partners mean they are the YouTube members who have monetized their videos with a large number of viewers and subscribers. Here YouTube partners can gain access to more dynamic content creating tools, and they can even win prizes for the number of views the viewers are seeing. The YouTube Partners also get access to the special comforts and access to the much more advanced community support, and along with that, you can get some tips as well.


  • A Youtuber can apply to the YouTube partnership program anytime from the YouTube partner page.
  • If you want to get registered as the YouTube partner, then you should at least cross 15,000 cumulative watch hours of your personal channel on YouTube.
  • And that 15000 watch hours should be recorded in last 90 days itself.
  • The YouTube partnership program has different benefits you can see the benefits from official YouTube partnership program page.


This is how you can get registered with the Google AdSense program and YouTube partner program. Along with these, you can even earn on YouTube through few others ways.

Let me show the other effective way to make some money


Sell other products as an affiliate marketer:

Affiliate marketing is a huge boost for most of the youtubers. Here affiliate marketing is nothing but selling products. When you sell products in exchange, you will get a commission based on the product.

You can see numerous reviews on the YouTube. The YouTuber who mainly concentrate on the reviews are thinking to earn money from the affiliate marketeering only. There are thousands of companies in this digital space offering attractive deals to the affiliate marketers who promote their products. You can even see the industries big names such as the Amazon, EBay and other middle and small scale industries as well.

You can quickly choose the product you want to promote through the affiliate networks or affiliate marketplaces. There are many affiliate marketer places available online some of the best affiliate markets are Click Bank, Commission Junction, and Share A Sale.

Here all you have to do is join some of the affiliate programs and just promote the product with your unique referral URL or code. Then if a sale happens through your unique URL, you can get the payment.

To get some money from YouTube as an affiliate marketer you should create a video on how to get this product and how to use this product or why to use this product and some other tutorials.



This is all about how to make money on YouTube. I hope you all liked this post about how to earn money on YouTube. If you have any doubts, then you let me know in comments section.


  1. Great post. I have created YouTube account long back, but never thought of making money from it. Your writing changed my mind. Thank you. I will follow your guidance.

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