How to find right keywords for seo and PPC campaigns

How to find right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns

Undoubtedly, the most crucial aspect of SEO and PPC campaigns is keywords. And I don’t have to say that separately all the bloggers knows about this important factor. But most of the bloggers strive to know ” how to find right keywords for SEO.”

The bloggers always give importance to the keywords, and they just choose right keywords for their blogs and later on they’ll jump into writing an article. And then after optimize that written article according to the keyword which they have chosen. This was the blogger’s first preference, and he/she usually does that.

how to find right keywords

The fact:

Finding the best and right keywords for your blog or a site is the trickiest part in blogging and SEO.

But, if you select the best keyword for your article and write a piece of in-depth article which is engaging than your story will only open the floodgates of traffic tor your website.

That’s the power of best keyword; you can see major blogs and sites they will always say that the central part of SEO is finding the best keyword.

The right keyword always has the power to rank well in search engines for that phrase, but you can see the power of keyword only when you write an excellent piece of content and optimize it according to the keyword.

The targeted keywords you choose should be at least two words to three words or It can be more up to 5 words don’t cross that limit because five words are more than enough to say what’s your topic is about. Make sure you have included the main theme of your post in your keyword to convey the best content for your audience as well as search engines.

SEO and PPC campaigns

In PPC campaigns, choosing the best keyword to bid on which are most likely to get clicks and conversions. Finding the best keyword is the secret of successful campaigns.

Choosing a right keyword is the best way to ensure that your ads show up at the right time and at the right place when people are searching for that kind of products or services you offer.

Beyond this explanation, best keywords can be helpful in many ways.

Until now, its fine but here comes the biggest problem some bloggers don’t know how to find the best keywords for their SEO and PPC campaigns.

So, here in this article, I am going to say the step by step process on how to find right keywords in SEO which will help you to choose the best keyword phrase for your story and also to improve your present blogs performance.

Let’s dive into the topic How to find right keywords,

How to Find Right Keyword for Seo and PPC:

Before knowing how to find right keywords and how to pick a keyword, let’s just talk about few things.

Here choosing the right keyword can’t help it depends on upon this setup of the keyword and the article edited on it.

Choosing a right keyword in and including that in your headline doesn’t mean that your seo work is done. You seo work is not done yet; it’s just started to that point now you want to follow the search engine factors to rank well, and also you should improve the user’s readability and findability of that site.

Right Keyword

Let see know,

  1. Consider the Article and think before you keep?

Before finding the best and right keyword for your blog. You should consider “What is the main topic of the keyword?”

Here you have to go with the particular issue but not broadly.And also find out what is the user benefit? – That means by reading your article how can your readers get benefit from your articles.

It also a best practice to find out: “what the questions which are answered in this article” Depending on these factors you should be choosing the material.

  1. Brainstorm your keyword ideas:

After you choose a topic, you shouldn’t go to the keyword research tool to find the best keyword.  Instead, all you have to do is think like a searcher and write some possible terms about the topic.


  1. Do your keyword research:

After you brainstorm your blog post ideas, now it’s time to find out the keyword search frequency, and it’s poetical. There are numerous tools readily on offers to do these keyword research. But I mostly use google keyword planner a free tool from Google to find the exact details.

Although there are various paid tools which are pretty awesome in nature to find the best and targeted keywords and its statics. But I only prefer Google keyword planner because it is free.

When you open the free Google tools, start by entering the best phrase from your brainstormed list and enter them in the Google, keyword planner. And take a look at the details of the keywords.


  1. Review the Result and also don’t ever tempt for big numbers

After getting the results, all you have to do is see the phrases you searched for and its search frequency and all its bid price for your PPC campaigns.

Now once you completed tracking the results of your keyword phrases.  Just pick the best keyword which is most accurate and more specific to your topic and then use the number of searches.

Just don’t tempt for the vast numbers, if you do then you will find out yourself out of now where.

So, just be with patience and use the relevant phrase which is nearer to the content and can be optimized easily. Don’t just go for the numbers I know it’s hard to resist but you should focus on the relevance of the phrases. And use the other search volume keyword as the secondary keywords.

keyword ideas

  1. Check out the keyword ideas:

After you find your relevance and certain keyword for your blog, just go the keyword ideas and have a look at them whether they are a better match to your content or not.

If you still have trouble in giving up high search volumes, then try to look up the entrance keyword for your websites and enter those keywords into the Google keyword planner tool.

Then compare their number of visitors and judge yourself. Mostly long tail keywords rank well in the search engines because of its relevancy. So it’s better to opt relevant keyword even if it has less number of searches.

These days long tail keywords are more effective, and people has become smarter, and they learned how to search Google entirely to get the desired result, so it’s best to choose a long term potential keyword which is related to your topic and opt that as you keyword.


PPC campaign keyword research:

If you are running a PPC campaign, then this point is helpful. By now you have a right keyword in your hands by above keyword research.

Now in the case of PPC,

Just try to get more relevant keywords by only thinking what the user will buy?

What will be his/intention?

What they tend to click?

How do users behave? Etc…

You should think those queries and answers yourself. Then make a list of all answers and expand the list with keyword research tools and its keyword ideas.

Sorting and organizing your keyword:

By above point, you should have a pretty impressive list of keywords in your hand. Now it’s time to target your group of keywords that are closely related to each other. And also similar to the ad groups in Google AdWords, Bing Ads, etc.

If you are selling any produce or services, then you should use something very minute in the structure of your websites.

ex: If you’re selling fish tanks then

  • Brand – Shell’s fish tanks
  • A Brand – Aqua fish tanks
  • Brand – lavender fish tanks.
  • Generic – fish tanks
  • The Generic – fish tanks – small
  • Generic- fish tanks – large.
  • The Generic – fish tanks – glass etc.

The more focused your ad group is, the easier it will be to measure and pick right keyword.


Don’t forget to add negative keywords in your PPC campaign:

You have created your list of keywords by above process, now don’t forget to add the negative keywords. Here negative keywords are the search terms that you don’t want your ads to show up for that keywords.

Add negative keywords can help you control the cost and keep your ad targeted to more specific and relevant users as possible.

With all these information you can find right keywords for both your seo and PPC campaigns. Finally, I have given solution for your question ” How to find right keywords.”



This is all about the ” How to find right keywords” for your seo and PPC campaigns. I hope you all like this article if you have any queries feel free to comment us below. I’d love to help you all.


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