How to earn money from YouTube without AdSense

How to earn money from YouTube without AdSense:

In the last post, I just mentioned about how to earn money from YouTube. The previous post, I mainly mentioned Google AdSense. In today’s post, I am going to talk about how to earn money from YouTube without AdSense.

I think after hearing these most of you might think that I am going to say about the affiliate marketing. But I will say that as the secondary thing. I will mainly focus on the other way of earning.

I really think I don’t have to say especially about YouTube because most of you might already be very familiar about that and might be using from years.

YouTube is the world’s largest video portal, and it is one of the viral and craziest videos sharing site. It stands as the second largest search engine after Google.

How to earn money from YouTube without AdSense
How to earn money from YouTube without AdSense

Many of the people know about the earning capability of YouTube, and already most of the people are keeping their efforts in earning their living from YouTube.

If you don’t know how? Then I am going to say that exactly in this article.

How People usually earn their living through YouTube?

People usually earn their living through YouTube. I think most of you might already know about that.

To be frank, AdSense is the best way to monetize your YouTube channel. But AdSense is only effective in earning when you have a massive amount of views and subscribers. If you don’t have views, then you will not earn a proper amount.

In some cases, most of the AdSense account will get banned, or some people will have low views and subscribers on YouTube channel. In such cases, you can’t really believe AdSense.

Are you not getting it?


Then let me explain clearly,


To earn a handsome amount of money from YouTube. You should create a YouTube channel, and you should monetize videos with AdSense account.

But in this cases, lots of people aren’t getting enough money?

It is just because they aren’t getting lakhs of views to earn fancy amount. The majority of the vloggers actually can’t earn a fancy amount from YouTube AdSense program. As there will not have thousands of views and if they have views then those views will be from the low tier nation such as India, Pakistan, China, etc.

Google AdSense usually pay much lesser for the low tier nation than the countries like UK and USA etc.

So, in this case, most of the vloggers are in a dilemma that what to do. Even after getting some low tier views they aren’t getting desired income.

So they can easily get frustrated, I think this frustration is normal for everyone. Even I was frustrated at the start, but later on, I found few other ways which are easy and similar to use.

Those methods are helpful for all the vloggers to earn a few more bucks than they typically earn from the AdSense, and they can make money for their small views as well.

Isn’t it good news?

Here in this article how to earn money from YouTube without AdSense. I am going to say about few interesting points which are relatively new to the regular vloggers who hasn’t come up yet.

Let’s see what I am really going to say in this post.

  • Freedom Program.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Selling products and services.
  • Sponsorship


Now let’s start the ways of how to earn money from YouTube without AdSense.


Freedom Program:

This may be new to some of the vloggers, but it isn’t new at all. Most of the vloggers who got banned from AdSense and from other factors are already using this freedom program.

You might think what is freedom program? Right!

Let me clear your doubts.

What is Freedom Program?

Freedom program is a YouTube partnership network. Here you can make money without using AdSense. It’s an easy program where you can quickly work with them. Most of the AdSense disable vloggers are keen to work with this program.


It is just because this free is a YouTube partnership program. This freedom program is a partnership program where it gives you 60% of your earning and other 40% are taken by freedom group.

Most of you might feel sad for this, Isn’t it?

It is because of 40% taken by freedom program. If you are feeling atrocious about that, then you should know this fact. Google AdSense program will take 45% of your income, and it will just return 55% of your income.

If you compare with that, you will definitely find freedom program as the better program then YouTube if you just compare the payment percentage.

Generally, AdSense is very strict, and they won’t tolerate any sort of disobedience in following their rules. So they will often disable accounts quickly for the reasons such as “Invalid Clicks,” “Click Activity,” “Rejected Content” and “Multiple Strikes” etc.

If AdSense disabled your account, then you can opt for freedom program. It is giving better payment then the AdSense, and it is a trusted network where you will always get the payments on time. It is one of the best networks you can’t leave if you get used to it.

In case if you want to continue with a new AdSense account and you want to leave freedom program then you can quickly exit the network whenever you like it is that easy.

Coming to the payment section, the main thing you should talk about is the payment threshold. AdSense is having the payment threshold of minimum $100 whereas in this freedom case there is no minimum payout at all. You can transfer anything through the PayPal or your desired process. If you earn $1, you can withdraw $1 from your account. It is that simple with freedom program.

This freedom program also has a free music library where you can choose the best music for your video. It is free you don’t have to pay a penny for it. Along with that, there is also no tax holdings in this network which mean what you earn is what you get. That is a great deal if you are starting with YouTube earnings.

Let’s see

How to join the Freedom program and make some money:

  • First of all, go to the Freedom program official site.
  • Then just click partner with us and join the freedom program.
  • Before you sign up, you should enable monetization feature in the YouTube settings. If you don’t do that, you will not get approved.
  • Once you sign up with the freedom program, you will get a form where you have to fill all your particulars and payment information in that form.
  • After submitting all the above information, you have to wait until you get the mail with your login credentials.
  • Remember one thing if you get login credentials it is not entirely approved. For approval, you have to wait longer.
  • Generally, there will be a waiting period of 1-2 days for the approval process it may take three days in some rare cases.
  • After the approval process, you have to go to your dashboard and follow all the instruction you get from the freedom network.
  • That’s it everything is done, and it is all set.


Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is one of the massive income sources for many vloggers. Especially those who make videos on the gadgets and phones etc.

But most of you might wonder “how can you really make money from affiliate marketing through YouTube.

Let’s see how you can make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing.

Usually, Affiliate Marketing is just promoting a service or product to your visitors. By encouraging product if your visitor made a purchase then you can get the commission in your affiliate account.

This is what affiliate marketing is you will get a commission for each sale.



What can affiliate marketing do with YouTube?

I’ll just walk you all through the necessary steps. In, Affiliate Marketing you have to choose a product or service to promote. You can choose products either in affiliate marketplaces or you can see separate affiliate programs.

These days you can see each and every product and service has affiliate marketing. So you can choose the best program you like from all the affiliate program.

But in selecting an affiliate product, you have to take care of few things. I’ll let you know about the tips.


Tips to pick best and perfect affiliate product:

  • Start with selecting few products and services that you know about, and it is best to use the product before promoting a product.
  • Check the product details and services before you opt for the product and also make sure it has good reviews and customer satisfaction or not.
  • Then just choose following product which is closely related to your niche. If you can’t find the closely related product to your niche at least, you can try semi-related to your niche. But you should not choose other niches which are not really relevant to your niche.
  • To choose products you can make use of the affiliate marketplaces. You should compare the commission price on the affiliate markets such as the click bank, Commission Junction, Amazon Affiliate and RJ, etc.
  • After having a glance at the affiliate commission decide which is better and make sure you better read all the terms and conditions of the products.
  • These are few points you should take care of in selecting a product. But now you might get another doubt on how to earn money from YouTube without AdSense and with using affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know about that, then I can help you with that information.


How you can make money by using affiliate marketing from YouTube:

Here to earn money by using affiliate marketing all you have to do is take a product or service. After picking the product, you should check multiple times whether the product is perfect or not.

In most of the cases, people fail in selecting excellent products you must not do that fault. Just follow above tips and pick a best one. Then just create an informative video which expresses everything about the product.

Here you should take utmost care in making the video. You should include the users and other features of the products, and you should explain to people how you can use the product and what’s the real purpose of the product.

After doing an informative review or some other promotional video, all you have to do is create a better title and description. In that description, you should include your affiliate link.

It is always best to include your affiliate link right at the top of the description within 100 words. Sometimes you can also include quotation links in the youtube videos and so on.

Whatever you do to promote you have to make sure that links are relevant to the similar product and you should use trusted links. You should use any low-quality marketplaces. Because sometimes marketers will watch the trusted links. So you have to make sure of that.

Let me give you few examples to explain everything in clear.

Example: Some small tactics used by a youtube. Actually, I searched for Lenovo K6 power review. He just included his affiliate link in the description.

Youtube affiliate example

Here you can clearly see the affiliate link in the description. this is what you should do and you can include in other ways as well.


Selling products and services:

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, and I think I already said that right?

Generally, in google most of us will try to sell products and services but why can’t you sell them on 2nd largest search engine that is YouTube.

You can definitely sell you products and services on YouTube, and you can earn money from selling your own products and services to your visitors.

Many vloggers are already doing this kind marketing, and they are receiving lots of potential clients to their business.

As this is the world of marketing, you can sell your products and services practically anywhere on the internet. So you have to think about YouTube because it is already proved as the best way to earn money through selling own products and services.

Let’s see an example:

If you search for any business keyword, then you can find most of the results which offer services or which offers products you desire.

In this I searched for SEO Company, I got all the results which are offering seo services. If you want to try, you can try, yourself by trying the different keyword or by trying the same keyword.

If you are having the problem in knowing the exact way then let me say clearly:

Let’s assume you are a beauty vlogger where you are having loads of experience in running beauty spas and in other beauty works. You are running a YouTube channel where you share all your beauty tips and products.

When a visitor find your video, and he/she just find your video helpful. Then obviously they are likely to subscribe your channel and if they are interested in your working abilities.

Who knows they might give you a big deal or they might even give some kind of works which you feel very comfortable with. In these types of situations, you can earn handsome money.

So all you have to do is create a video that is helpful for all your users and then just make a service offering at the end of the video and mention your details in the description along with a little about past worked projects or ongoing projects.

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Sponsorships are latest trends in this digital age. The rising of the digital users all the companies have started increasing their marketing cost to increase their sales online.

So it has been one of the primary factors of the sponsorships. In today’s world companies always try to improve their brand identity. And they are eagerly trying to grab a perfect person to sponsor and to increase their brand name.

The businesses have noticed all the benefits and profits from the customer’s and also noticed the power of digital marketing. So they started searching for the YouTubers, bloggers and social media influencers who have significant influence and fan following. They are also noticing all the vloggers who are interested in promoting their brand and who are interested in creating sponsored videos.

I think most of you didn’t get the concept right?

Let me show you

How is it done on a YouTube channel?

You can earn money from YouTube channel by sponsorship reviews. Here all you have to do is product reviews. You can’t just imagine how much you can make from this sponsorships because it mainly depends on the brands you promote.

Earning mainly depends on the subscribers and audience of the site. In some cases, its purely depends on how well you promote the product and brand name.

Most of the brands usually do sponsorship program, and they will officially keep it on their websites. You can go through them and apply according. But in some cases, if you are not able to find the sponsorship program on their website.

Then you can approach them personally through a proposal of sponsorships. If you don’t the proposal process, then let me give you some tips to approaching for sponsorships.


Approach for the proposal of Sponsorships:

The Approach for the proposal of sponsored posts should be professional. Here if the brand you wish doesn’t have any Sponsored post offerings yet on their website, then you have to put a proposal to the brand.

When you try to give a proposal you should mention all these points:

  • YouTube channel and craze of the YouTube channel.
  • After that, you should express the reasons and real benefits of the acceptance.
  • Along with that, you should also mention why they should sponsor you.
  • The proposal varies for the different brands when you approach sponsors who are having the different brand name then your proposal strategy for each brand should be different.
  • This helps to draw the attention of the people.


But to know about the sponsors and Sponsorships brands you should use the other way.

Let me give a site which can show the sponsored programs all at a time. Most of you might not believe that, but there is a program which certainly shows all the brand sponsored offers in a single place.

Here In this site, you can check all your favorite brand which are presently offering Sponsorships. If they don’t have sponsorships, then you can reach them through the proposal of sponsored posts.

If you don’t know the process then just check this


Marketplace for Knowing about the Sponsored brands:

To know about the brands and other things you have to go to a marketplace. Suppose if you don’t have ideas and lost in nowhere then you can make use of the marketplaces like fame bit.

In fame bit, you can get all the brands which are keenly showing interest in Sponsorships and Sponsored program. By using this site, you can find all the Sponsorship brands. You don’t have to worry about the proposals and identifying the brand names and so on.

What you all have to do is sign up for the fame bit program with the help of any of your social media network and properly check the brands and companies which are interested in offering sponsorships.

Here the only problem with the sponsorships is it always need lots of subscribers or social media fans to get more income. So this is one of the best alternatives to AdSense.



This is all about how to earn money from youtube without Adsense. I think you all liked this article. If you are vlogger, then you should try these methods to boost your revenue. If you have the real following, then you can earn a lot more than Adsense in these types of earning ways.

I hope you all liked this how to earn money from youtube without AdSense. If you have any queries, then you can let me know in comments section.