How to choose a perfect niche for your blog: Ultimate guide in 2017

How to choose a perfect niche: Selecting a perfect niche for your blog is always a daunting process. Most of the blogger always get confused with this aspect of their blogging journey. So, if you are a starter who is planning to own a blog.

Are you frustrated in opting a perfect niche for your blog?

Then you do not have to worry about anything. Here I will just walk you through all the steps, which are useful in opting a perfect niche for your blog. If you go through this article, then you can definitely find out a perfect niche for your blog.

How to choose a perfect niche
How to choose a perfect niche

Although the initial step of creating, a blog is by choosing the domain name and web hosting. Choosing a perfect niche for your blog is equally important as the domain name and web hosting. This is the initial step of taking your blog to your target audience.

Generally, we all plan to have a blog, and we just keep on searching for different names and best web hosting platforms to host your blog. However, other than that most of the bloggers often think about choosing a perfect niche.

In some cases, people are not sure enough to opt a perfect niche for their blog. They not sure sufficiently to find out “what their blog is going to be”?

This is a frustrating problem for most of the bloggers. At the start, they even do not know what to choose either a single niche or multiple niches. Most of the bloggers get confused with this messy step, and it will get a lot of frustrations for bloggers.

Therefore, selecting a perfect niche for blogs has turned out to a daunting task for all new bloggers. Now, if you are the one who is finding it hard to select a perfect niche and if you are the one who is thinking about how to choose a perfect niche?

Then I’ll help you with these steps.

Let us go through a few steps for selecting a perfect niche.


Choose a perfect niche:

Choosing a perfect niche is always a daunting process, and I think I have already said that at the beginning of the article.

Now, to pick a perfect niche, you have to know about the niche. Most of you might know what does a niche means.


But if you’re one of them who don’t know, then for you can make use of this.

What does a niche mean?

Niche is a common term, which you listen quite often these days. Here niche is nothing but a particular topic that your blog is working on. The content of your blog mostly tells you the niche of the blog. But in some cases, people just choose multiple niches in a single domain. In those, cases you can say it as multiple niches.

Now, to say it simply without any sort of definitions and all niche is what you post about and that you offer to your visitors.

Generally, there are lots and many niches around you. You can have a glance at lots and lots of niches around you if you browse any sort of websites or blogs.

Now, most of you to might be in a confused state that how to choose a perfect niche with these many niches. If you are confused, then do not worry each and every niche in this blogging arena and internet world can be classified into two primary categories.

By classifying those categories, you can just choose one of the best category niches. Let’s see the classified categories. How to choose a perfect niche:

Detailed categories of niches:

  1. Board niche
  2. Specific niche

Board niche:

Board niche is nothing but a vast topic, which covers the main, and subtopics of the niche. In this board niches, you can see all the subtopics and mini sub-topics of the primary topic. This is called as a broad niche. If you do not get it perfectly then, you can just watch the example.

For Ex:

If you want to blog and your niche is sports, then you can cover all subtopics in it like cricket, football, hockey, etc. Along with subtopics, you can also cover the mini relevant subjects such as the batting, bowling and boxing basics and so on.

Here, you can publish about any sports and discuss about that sport. However, this type of blogs requires more hard work and time.

Specific niche:

Specific niche is a niche, which only focuses on a single topic. It does not go for its subtopics or anything. If you choose a particular niche about cricket, then you will cover all the cricket topics other than cricket you will not cover anything. That is called as the specific niche. Opting a specific niche can give you some great benefits in search results, and it will lower your stress as well.

Here by choosing a specific niche, you can quickly find out your target visitors, and you can turn them into your clients and customers as well.

If you are a little bit confused about the specific niche then just go through this example, you will get a clear view on a specific niche.

For ex:

Here if you wish to blog about a sports related topic like cricket, then you will be blogging about cricket only and nothing more.

One should follow these two categories before selecting a niche.

Here are few niche examples that may help you:

  • Blogging
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Humor
  • Religious
  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Education
  • News
  • Games etc.
  • This list continues……

There are various other niches as well.

Suggestion: As a beginner, you must concentrate on a single niche. By focusing on a single niche, you can improve your blog quickly and target right audience without undergoing lots of stress.

Before choosing a niche, it is better to have a good knowledge and grip on that topic. If you have grip in that subject means you can quickly express your thoughts in blog posts and you can be passionate in opting topics for your blog.

If you want to become a perfect blogger, then you choose your kind of topic. Which means the subject which you want to express and which you are enthusiastic to learn more. This type will help because it gives your expression for that subject will be in the form of a blog.

For ex: Myvash is a blog for blogging tips, internet marketing, Seo, Technology updates.

Those are my niche, and you will be finding different another blog regarding these niches. It purely depends on you and your connection with the audience. So if you feel sports or movie reviews is which interests you then go ahead and keep it updating.

I think you have various niches rolling on your mind. However, what measures should be taken to opt a single niche.

If you are worried about how to choose a perfect blog, then you do not have to worry here are the best points, which helps you to find out your interest quickly.


How to choose a perfect niche for your blog:

These measures are helpful for each and every blogger who wants to find out a perfect and profitable niche for your blog quickly. Just go through these steps and by the time you reach the end of the post. You will find yourself in a perfect place to choose a perfect niche for your blog.

What are you passionate about?

This is the primary and most important aspect. You have to check out this while you are finding a perfect niche. It is best to ask yourself whether you are passionate about the niche or not. I solemnly believe that passion is one of the key element in blogging field to succeed.

Therefore, it is always best to choose a topic, which you are passionate about. Mostly all human beings will have a specific interest in some aspects. Now just check out all those aspects which you are passionate about.


  • Some have the passion for playing cricket while other have love to act…
  • So similarly, if you have more emotions towards the niche then write it down.
  • Make a list of your passion, and be clear enough about it.

Note: Do not write those topics, which you don’t know. Avoid the ones you’re not interested. Don’t go for the topics just because they have a hype (If you have good information about that topic then it is good or else better to avoid).

After writing your passionate list of niche ideas, the next thing you have to do is think about that topic.

Thinking about the topic:

In the previous step, you have created a list of passionate niches you simply love. Now after listing your passion. It is time to check out whether your niche has a long-term potential or not.

Here long-term potential Means “Will it work for a long period or not?”

So write down the long-term interest on one side and the short-term interest on the other side. Now decide, if you want to be a full-time blogger opt for long-term interest or else opt the short-term one.

In blogging, long-term blogging is always the best thing to do. I always recommend long-term projects for new bloggers. However, in some cases, short-term blogging is best; it is just because some niches will have only short-term potentials.

After making a list of long-term and short-term blogging ideas. Ask yourself whether you do like to do long term blogging or you want to go for the short-term blogging aspects.

Sort out what you love to write forever:

See, until now we have discussed our passions, after that their survivals (means whether it is long-term potential or short term).

However, now it is time for your writing that is going to add survival. If you are experienced/expert/well trained, then you can skip these steps.

Creating and writing content on the blog is not limited only for a month or a year. It is you “who can make it to another level.” If you have the love for that niche, you want to know more about it, and you want to share about it. Then make sure to select that niche.

Because once you create a blog you should update it, bring fresh content to your blog. Therefore, this is only possible if you have love and madly interest in it.

Have any experience?

Some bloggers are expertise for a niche and write content about it. If you are one of them and want to share the knowledge, you have then it is great. Opting a niche, which you have experienced, is almost the perfect way to raise your blog in just a couple of months.

Ex: if you have experience in reviewing a movie and you are going to start a blog about it then it is exquisite.


Finalize the topic:

So after all the above steps, you might have reached a destination, from your jotted and differentiated interest list. At this moment, the topic you have selected is the most passionate topic. It is perfect if you have all the information about the topic or if you think you are a beginner and there is more to know, it is also good.

Because we know, knowledge is unending. So do not get worried, I assure if you have a love for a subject then you will definitely try to research it and give the best.

What do people really need?

After finalizing your topics and starting your work. You should also have a glance at two other easy points. Here you have to watch out what do people really need, and you have to check out your niche competitive blogs.

By checking competitive blogs and checking what, do people really need? You can simply understand about your niche entirely, and you can take advantage of this point at the time of creating content. You can quickly get some great ideas for your blog, and you can get some inspiration from that as well.

So just try to see what do people really need and how can you deliver what people are in search for. That is the best way to increase your niche influence as well.

Be the trend:

Lastly, I want to say that there might be various blogs. Which publish topics and content on the same niche you have selected. Therefore, you are entering into a massive competition.


However, do not get panic, be confident, regularly update your blog, and try to be unique. That is it! Also, as I said earlier be patience and work hard to reach to a top position and to succeed.

I hope you were able to find the best niche. These are few steps, which are useful in selecting a perfect niche for your blog. These tips I mentioned in this post how to choose a perfect niche are the best tips you can use to get a good niche.


This is all about the topic how to choose a perfect niche. I hope you all are satisfied with this How to choose a perfect niche post. If you are having any queries or doubts in the above topic how to choose a perfect niche.

Then you can directly comment us below in the comment section. I will definitely reach you by answering your questions in comments. If you strive to suggest me on this topic, you are always welcome to that as well. Either through email or comments.

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