Foldable phones

Here’s what would make you buy a foldable phones

Foldable phones have been around for a few years, but they remain inaccessible niche products for many. Yes, their advantages are obvious and cram large displays in the form factor of a conventional smartphone. But they are also tarnished by durability concerns and other issues.

With that said, what would make them sell like hotcakes? In a recent survey, we asked our readers what would make them buy a foldable phone and the results are here!

What would make you buy a foldable phone?

Foldable phones
Foldable phones


A little more than 3,800 votes were cast in this poll, published on October 1st. We gave our readers plenty of time to think and cling to the six options available, and one of them came out the winner.

With the lion’s share of the vote, 38% of respondents wait for a “cheaper price” before buying a foldable phone. This seems like the obvious choice as larger foldable phones are still going to cost $ 2,000 instead of challenging today’s flagships at ~ $ 1,000.

If respondents can’t get cheaper foldable products, they want a “more durable design”. 15% of the respondents used this option. Interestingly, with 14.6% and 13.2% of the votes, it only just beats “no display creases” and “glass / glass-like screen”. The outlier option with 9.2% of the vote is a “leaner, lighter design”.

The 10% of respondents who are not satisfied with these five options cast their vote in the comment section. Some of the recurring desires mentioned are more impressive camera specs, a larger form factor, and a bigger battery. Several readers also admit that nothing would convince them to buy a foldable device.

Read some of the best comments below.

Your comments

  • Alfie: Fold 3 should have at least the same camera system as the S21 Ultra, or a better one.
  • Tomas Neruda: Flagship prices should include flagship cameras.
  • Paula Morrell: External storage / microSD card slot.
  • Chris: Better battery life and functionality similar to other phones in the same price range.
  • Eric Pearson: Can be the size of a laptop without being too bulky in the form of a phone. Basically, I need a sci-fi foldable.
  • AppleToaster: price. The only thing stopping me from upgrading is literally the absurd price. If they can get it closer to the $ 1,000 mark, I’ll buy it. The Fold is my dream phone.
  • 0Tuar0: Samsung should include a 7 year parts and labor warranty on the flip-and-fold phones. Yes, I don’t trust the moving parts and connections.
  • Anthony Jurado: Already bought! Would like a bigger battery, better cameras, S Pen IN the housing in Fold 4.
  • Dmitry Nesterkin: Physical keyboard like the Samsung W2020.

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