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Many people own a single smartphone. With this lonely pocket companion you communicate with others and manage your digital life. However, some may need more than one device to do this, or they may have multiple smartphones.

In a recent survey we asked Android Authority Readers to reveal how many smartphones they own. Here is what they told us.

How many smartphones do you own?


This poll really got readers to vote and talk. We have cast more than 2,200 votes and the results are fairly evenly distributed. The majority of readers – actually more than one in three – only have one smartphone. Over 28% of readers admit to owning two smartphones. This turned out to be the second most popular option. Interestingly, more than 22% of readers own more than four smartphones.

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The comments also paint an interesting picture. Although almost 65% of readers have at least two smartphones, most readers have multiple devices but keep a primary smartphone for their daily needs. Others seem to split certain workloads across multiple devices. Read more anecdotes from readers below.

Here’s what you told us:

  • Eminem’s ghostwriter: I just need a phone. So I have to make sure it meets all of my requirements. I usually just give away my old phone when I upgrade to a new phone.
  • Roaduardo: I feel better these days. I used to be a pie when it came to keeping multiple phones close by. Only 2 now. One iOS, one Android.
  • HelloThere: My Galaxy S21 Ultra as the main device and my secondary OnePlus 7 Pro, then my iPhone XR and then my Pixel 4a. I have older phones too, but those are the four that I mainly use.
  • Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin: I currently have three active smartphones with me. I use my Microsoft Lumia 950, which I bought last September, as my daily driver, while I have my dad’s old Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for a custom ROM experiment as I completely goggled it and now the custom Havoc – Running OS Android 10 ROM. I also have a V50 with its DualScreen case as a companion for my Lumia 950, mainly for mobile entertainment and WhatsApp use.
  • jdrch: 3: Note9, Pixel 3 XL and Galaxy S5.
  • Mitchell Rome Nabors II: I have my OnePlus 8T driver every day. Then my “just in case” phone, OnePlus 5T, is left over from my original time at AT&T. Since that phone I had up to three phones a few years ago.
  • Richard Durishin: I have two active SIMS – one in a Duo and one in a V60. I also have a G8 that I used to stream through my hi-fi system because of the MQA-DAC, all of my Windows phones and my original S / E P910a, one of the first smartphones you could buy in the US .
  • Jupiter: I have older telephones in drawers around the house. I would say a total of 10.
  • essgeewhy: I have 3 phones, Pixel 5 is my daily driver, Pixel 4XL as a secondary / backup, and an Essential PH-1 to use with my Mavic Mini.
  • Paul Russell: I have two drivers every day, OnePlus 6T and Samsung Galaxy S10E, and an old Huawei Y7 as a replacement. I also have a Nokia 2 but I don’t use it for anything even though it still works.
  • Roberto Suarez: I have 3 phones. First is my bank phone. I always use the latest phone I got for banking. Second is my business + daily phone. Last year’s phone model. Use for electronic customer card, electronic payment (non-bank payment system), WhatsApp, Line, WeChat. Third is my other phone. Use for other than the 2 above.

That’s it for this poll. Thank you for your votes and comments. If you have thoughts about the results or any other anecdotes about the smartphones you own, drop them in the comments below.

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