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From the new ring piloting indoor drone cameras on an adorable new kid’s version of one of his most popular Amazon’s home products, Seattle-based retailer Jeff Bezos unveiled a number of new hardware gadgets just ahead of the holiday shopping season.

Echo Updates

Image credits: Amazon

Amazon kicked off its latest hardware showcase by unveiling a new version of the company’s Echo devices, which now include spherical speakers (with a children’s version with cute animal graphics). Amazon also unveiled an updated and more personalized Echo feature and a new tracking feature for its Show 10 that mirrors the Facebook portal in its ability to follow users as they move around a room.

The new things in Ring

Ring also had a lot to showcase at Amazon’s hardware show. The security camera company is updating its lineup with Always Home Cam, a tiny drone that can be programmed to fly on preset routes, which users can determine for themselves.

It also introduced new hardware for the automotive market with three different devices focused on car owners. A Ring Car Alarm that will retail for $ 59.99; and Car Cam and Car Connect will both cost $ 199.99. Ring Car Alarm provides basic functionality that works with the Ring app, sending alerts to trigger a variety of potential responses. The alarm also integrates with other Amazon Alexa hardware or Ring devices and connects using Amazon’s low-bandwidth Sidewalk wireless network protocol.

Meanwhile, Car Cam allows users to control their car via video as long as users are within range of a Wi-Fi network, or to join the complementary LTE plan that Ring is selling. The camera also includes an Emergency Crash Assist feature that alerts first responders and a recording feature that activates if a user says “Alexa, they’re stopping me.” Finally, car connect is an API that manufacturers, starting with Tesla, can use to provide Ring customers with mobile alerts for events detected around vehicles or watch footage recorded with onboard cameras.

Ring has also added new end-to-end opt-in video encryption for users who want it.

New ways for Fire TV

Image credits: Amazon

The company’s TV platform has received several updates. The biggest is arguably the addition of the new low-cost Fire TV Stick Lite for $ 29.99. For $ 39.99, meanwhile, you can pick up the new Fire TV Stick, which features a 50% faster process. The platform also adds video calling, a nice addition to the home business era, along with a new and improved layout.

Amazon becomes ga-ga for games

Last, but certainly not least, Amazon has announced its new game streaming platform, Luna.

The long-awaited Google games competitor Stadia and Microsoft xCloud is launching an early access version priced at $ 5.99 per month, the company said. Users will be able to stream titles wirelessly without downloading games and will be able to play on PC, Mac and iOS (via the web).

Initially, the company will have more than 50 titles in Luna + app, including at least one Sonic title and the Remedy Entertainment control. A partnership with Ubisoft is underway, but access to these games may require a separate subscription.

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