Google’s Nest Audio smart speaker detailed in early unboxing shots

Google Nest Audio speaker Reddit function

  • Google’s Next Audio smart audio speaker was already described in an early unboxing.
  • The speaker was purchased from Walmart for $ 100.
  • It’s pretty heavy, apparently, but it has better sound quality than Google Home.

Google is having a hard time keeping its new smart home products under wraps. After the head-to-toe unveiling of the upcoming Google Chromecast this week, the upcoming Google Nest Audio has now received a similar shakedown.

Reddit user appropriately named throwGNestAudio (via 9to5Google) uploaded a carousel of live-action footage detailing the packaging and exterior of the anthracite-colored speaker. The device was reportedly bought by Walmart for $ 100, which is the same as the price listed in previous listings.

The box itself doesn’t display Nest Audio’s specs, but the user puts its size in context. It’s about the size of half an Apple keyboard, but about the width of one. The Nest Audio apparently sticks to the barrel power connector on the original Google Home as well, which can be annoying for those hoping for a USB-C port.

In terms of audio quality, Nest Audio’s new owner believes “the original Google Home will be blown out of the water”. Both a tweeter and a subwoofer are installed in the device, which can be responsible for the “very heavy” structure mentioned by the user. A retail ad discovered yesterday indicated it weighed around 1kg, which is significantly heavier than Google’s Nest Mini products.

And as for the boot sound, Nest Audio now has a “guitar, maybe a bass, and then the signature piano key.”

It’s unclear why Walmart is bringing Google’s new smart home devices to market so early, but it’s not the first global retailer to ruin Google’s surprises. British retailer John Lewis released official footage of the Pixel 4a 5G this week. This appears to be a buggy update to a Pixel 4a list.

Google is expected to host a unveiling event for its upcoming devices on September 30th. However, don’t be too surprised if you discover more user unboxings and revelations sponsored by retailers in the days leading up to it.

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