Google TV now supports more streaming services and live TV channels

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  • Google introduces a new update for the Google TV app for Android.
  • The update includes a new user interface, improved recommendations, and more supported services.
  • It will begin rolling out to users in the United States this week.

After Android TV received an update last week, Google is now tackling the Google TV app on Android. A new update for Google TV will be rolled out to users this week, adding support for more streaming services, live TV channels, and more.

The first, and most noticeable, is the app’s updated user interface. In particular, Google revamped the For You tab and added 16: 9 widescreen posters for shows and movies at the top of the page. You can still browse the top picks, but they’ll show up under this box. In addition, Rotten Tomatoes scores can now be seen under each poster. Google believes this will make it a little easier to find content in the app.

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“If you find something you’ve already seen, you can now mark it as ‘seen’ on the details page to get updated recommendations on your For You tab instead,” Google said in a press release.

This update is part of the app’s larger, overhauled recommendation system. The app now has more rows of personalized recommendations. This also takes into account more specific user interests, such as “science fiction thriller” or “what to watch when you long for a summer blockbuster”. The change should make Google TV feel a little more like Netflix and other streaming platforms.

Finally, Google TV is adding other streaming services to the platform that are especially attractive to children. Google will add Cartoon Network, Discovery Plus, Viki, PBS Kids, and Boomerang with the update. Live TV channels from YouTube TV, Philo and Fubo TV will also be shown. These will be included in the offer of Google TV with 30 channels and services.

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