Google TV is a new all-in-one content hub for Android TV

Google TV is a new all-in-one content hub for Android TV

Google TV interface on Android Chromecast

  • Google TV was introduced as the new user interface for Android TV.
  • The new experience brings together content from your apps, including YouTube TV.
  • It’s premiering on the new Chromecast with Google TV.

Google is introducing a brand new Android-based TV interface and reviving an old name for it. The company launched Google TV, a new experience for Android TV that aims to harmonize your display – no matter what apps you’re using.

You can use the Google Assistant to find movies and TV shows across apps as expected. A uniform watch list contains all the content that you want to see later. You can also add to the watchlist using Google search.

Live TV also plays a more important role. A live tab on Google TV shows both current and upcoming shows, so you don’t have to switch between apps to catch important news or sporting events. The integration is initially limited to YouTube TV subscriptions in the US. However, Google has promised that it will connect to other live TV services “soon”.

Unsurprisingly, you can also expect smart home control and an ambient mode to display Google Photos. Google is also renaming Play Movies and TV to (confusingly) Google TV.

Any app that works on Android TV will work on Google TV, according to the company. However, don’t expect all of the features to be available to begin with. Crucially, Stadia game streaming is not available at launch. You won’t get this experience on Google TV until the first half of 2021.

google tv live tab youtube

The new Android TV interface will be premiered in Chromecast with Google TV. Third-party set-top boxes and televisions are also emerging, though you’ll have to wait until 2021 before the third-party hardware hits. This doesn’t replace Android TV, to be clear – it sits on top. Google only separates the “skin” for Android TV from the underlying platform.

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In a way, this parallels efforts like Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV App. That said, it’s a content hub that also promotes internal services. Google wasn’t shy to notice that its new interface brings together all of its platforms and services, from Android to Nest to YouTube TV. It’s a living room that is like Pixel phones and uses a common operating system adapted to Google’s vision.

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