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LG spent a good part of it CES Press conference on the range of TVs for 2021. You can expect bigger, slimmer and brighter TVs. I will not list the specifications of new models. However, there are a few new features that are worth mentioning.

LG does not use Android TV for the operating system. Instead, the company has its own operating system called webOS. App developers must publish certain versions of their apps for LG’s smart TVs. And the company announced that Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now are coming to LG 2021 TVs.

Google’s cloud gaming service will be available for the first time in the coming months. It won’t be available everywhere as Stadia is only available in a few countries. However, if you live in a country where Stadia is available, you can disconnect your Chromecast from your computer to access Stadia.

Stadia works a bit like a console running in the cloud. You can buy games and play them in a data center near you. The video feed is streamed directly to your screen and your gamepad controls are passed to the server.

Nvidia’s cloud gaming service will be available later this year. This service is a little different as you can use your Steam, Epic Games, GOG or Ubisoft Connect libraries.

Nvidia has historically preferred having its own set-top box with a GeForce Now app on the Nvidia Shield TV. Recently the Android app has been updated with support for more devices, and it looks like it will go beyond Android TV with webOS support.

LG also announced that it is updating webOS with a brand new user interface this year. The overlay menu at the bottom of the screen has been replaced with a full screen menu. You can find your favorite apps, access live TV, and get some content recommendations – and yes, they get ads.

When you play games there is a new game menu to access the most relevant settings. For example, from this menu you can switch from one TV profile to another, depending on the type of games you are playing (FPS, racing games, etc.). It sounds pretty useless to me as most of the time you want to reduce the latency as much as possible any Genre. You can also enable G-Sync and FreeSync if you are using a compatible device.

When it comes to new OLED televisions, there are the A1 entry-level models with old processors, the C1 models with support for modern game consoles thanks to variable refresh rate, low latency, etc. At the top of the list are the G1 models.There are three different ones Sizes (77 inches, 65 inches, and 55 inches).

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