Google skipped Motion Sense on the Pixel 5, but it still has a future

Google skipped Motion Sense on the Pixel 5, but it still has a future

Google Pixel 4 xl redesigned the sense of movement

  • Google will use the Pixel 4’s Soli radar and Motion Sense gestures in the future.
  • The company has not confirmed whether the technology will target phones.

Google isn’t done with its Soli radar chip and Motion Sense feature just yet, despite skipping both on the Pixel 5. In an interview with The edgeRick Osterloh, Google’s hardware chief, said the gestures from Project Soli and Motion Sense would return in the future.

Google introduced Motion Sense on the Pixel 4 with the help of its Soli radar chip. The feature enables a range of hand gestures on the phone that allow you to control it without touching the screen. It may have seemed like a gimmick to some users, but our own Jimmy Westenberg found it a great addition.

The Soli Chip also helped the Pixel 4 detect your presence and quickly unlock the screen by activating the necessary biometric sensors. Thanks to this, the Pixel 4 has one of the fastest face unlock systems on the market.

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The main problem was that the Pixel 4 could not be available due to solos in many countries including India. It requires access to the 60 GHz mmWave frequency band, which is not open for commercial use in many markets.

While Osterloh confirmed that the company would use the technology again in the future, he didn’t say whether it will appear on phones. However, a recent report filed by the FCC suggests that solos-based movement gestures may appear on an upcoming Nest thermostat. Let’s see what Google has in store.

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