Google Pixel 6 could have centered selfie cam, 4K vids

Google Pixel 4a front-facing camera macro

Recognition: David Imel / Android Authority

  • A demolition of the camera app reveals that the Google Pixel 6 may have new front camera features.
  • The outline shows that the pinhole camera could move to the center rather than the usual left orientation.
  • Additionally, the camera may support 4K video, which has not been supported by any Pixel phone before.

The next Pixel smartphone we expect should be the Google Pixel 5a. However, this phone is definitely going to be a budget-conscious device. What about the next flagship Pixel?

Right now we’re calling this the Google Pixel 6. Today we got some new evidence of this phone thanks to some APK investigation 9to5Google.

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In the latest version of the Pixel line’s camera app, the code points to some big changes for the front camera of a future Pixel phone. We’ll assume this is the Pixel 6, but the code doesn’t use that term. Instead, it uses code names that may or may not relate to the next pixel flagship. For now, however, we assume that it does.

Google Pixel 6: what’s on the go

According to the APK breakdown, a phone’s selfie camera, which is believed to be a Pixel 6, is centered rather than left-justified. This is interesting because up until now every Pixel device with a pinhole camera had a left-aligned cutout. Meanwhile, Samsung’s flagship phones have centered cutouts. Could Google take a page from the Samsung Playbook here?

Elsewhere, the code suggests that the camera could enable 4K video recording in this centered section. Currently, newer Pixel phones can record 4K video with the rear camera but not the front. In this case, the Google Pixel 6 is likely the first Pixel to offer 4K selfie video support.

Note that APK teardowns can sometimes provide incorrect information. It’s very early on for Pixel 6 leaks so don’t put too much emphasis on it. It would certainly be interesting to see a Pixel with a selfie camera centered, however, and shutterbugs would probably love to capture 4K video without turning their phones. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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