Google Meet starts beta testing live translated captions 1

Back in 2019, Google introduced real-time video call transcriptions and has since added support for more languages. The next step sees Google Meet beta test live translated captions. 

Translated captions helps Google Meet video calls to be more global, inclusive and effective by removing language ability as a barrier to collaboration. By helping users consume the content in a preferred language, you can help equalize information sharing, learning, and collaboration, and make sure your meetings are as effective as possible. 

The feature first captions what’s being spoken and then translates it to another language. On the web, text appears at the bottom of the screen, like before, with a settings gear icon letting users enable “Translated captions.” 

Google is initially supporting the translation of English meetings into Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German. It’s useful for all-hands meetings with global teams, as well as school settings:

Live translated captions can also be impactful for educators by enhancing communication with students who speak a different language than the instructor. This can also enable students to connect with other students across the globe who speak a different language.

Google Meet live translated captions

Meet’s live translated captions beta (sign up below) is available for calls organized from the following tiers: Google Workspace Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Teaching & Learning Upgrade.

Learn more and express interest in the beta here. When your domain has been approved for the beta and the feature is ready to use, you’ll receive more information via email. 

More about Google Meet:

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Google Meet starts beta testing live translated captions 2

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