Google Image search: Advanced tips for smart marketers in 2017

Google Image Search:

Google image search: Marketers and bloggers always strive to use images in their posts, articles or their demonstration. They often try to create new images which are attractive because they just want to attract their audience by pictures.

But in this whole digital world, there is no significant time for marketers to create each and every image on their own. So they often search for the best places to get images online.

You might already know the reason for using images in their posts. As I already said that in the above people just get attracted towards the visual content rather than the text.

Google Image search: Advanced tips for smart marketers in 2017 1

An image is worth of 1000 words, and it is one of the common words which is used by all the online geeks. Nowadays the online text to image ratio is set to 1000: 1 picture in some cases it is 100 words: 1 picture etc. these are the ratio which is strictly maintained by most of the bloggers just because they believe is useful in search rankings and also to improve their user experience.

Most of the people generally want to see images in content. They won’t just read a whole lot of content without images because it makes them sick.  In other cases like step by step process, people are keen to see the pictures of how to do the process other than general text.

In some cases, people are interested in using the gifs. They just include gifs in their social networks and so on.

Not only bloggers, other people who are using facebook, twitter and other social networking sites also will browse for lots of images. It is just because they want to share the entertaining content or useful content in a visual representation method.

They just don’t like to type a whole lot of text and then post on their timelines. These are the few factors where you can see the importance of the images along with these they are the hell lot of examples and reasons.

Now people are worrying to get the perfect image for their uses. If you are the one who is worrying, then you can make use of this post.

Here I am going to say about the Google image search. It is one of the best and largest image storage online. You can get various images depending on the searches.

Here I am going to say the healthy reverse image search tips and functions so that you can simply get some attractive images without any help. In some cases, you might think that when I type in reverse image search, I can get some images.

But in some situations, you will not get relevant pictures in that case you can use this cool tips to take full advantage of the reverse searches. So let’s get into the advanced search by image tips to get some great pictures.

Note: some of the images available in Google are having copyrights. So you have to take care of them.

First, let’s see,

Google’s Reverse Image search:

Google reverse image search quickly lets you search by images instead of the keywords. What all you have to do is upload a picture from your desktop, mobile, or tablet to Google. And here Google will show all the other online web pages on the internet which are having similar images to your uploaded image.

This process is also called as the backward image search. Previously this feature was only available for the Chrome users, but nowadays all the major browsers allow this Google’s reverse image search option.

The Google reverse image search just works when you search by uploading an image. This process will find the results of the similar images, sites that included those pictures and along with that it also shows other sizes of the images which you are searching for.

This process works best when the images are likely to show up in the search results and on the other webpages. So that you can get better results and better images.

Reverse image search can be used in the browsers such as the Google Chrome 5+, Internet Explorer 9+, Safari 5+, Firefox 4+, etc.

How to upload an image?

You can easily upload your images by going to the or on any image result pages.

  • Just click on the search by image.
  • Click on the upload option to upload a picture.
  • Then click on choose file and then select the image for your computer.
  • Click enter that it.


If you are using Google Chrome or Firefox 4+, then you can make use of the other option that is drag and drop an image.

You can easily drag and let go of a picture into the search box. Here all you must do is visit “” and then click on the picture you want to find and then hold down the mouse button, and you should drag the image into the search box. That’s it.

Apart from these two methods, you can also use other two options. Those options are searched using an image URL. Right click on the picture on a site such as Chrome & Firefox.

To search the images using the image URL you have to go the website and just right click on the picture and select the copy image URL.

Then you have to go to the “” or other image results page and then click on enter or search by image. Here click on the paste image URL and then paste the URL you copied into the box and then click on the search image.

Here another process is also similar to this method. So you don’t have to worry much about the search results.

Until now we have seen the reverse image search, and backward image search from now on let’s see the tips and options available in search by image.

Search History:

Google will always have an eye on the browsing activity of the users. Whether you are aware of the fact or not Google will keep your info of browsing secretly in your web history. That’s how Google optimizes all your results and show up perfect advertisements for you.

Most of you might think Google is using you? But that’s not using that’s the working principle of the Google. That’s why Google is producing lots of its other tools for free.

Google gives you the option to view and edit the detailed online browsing history. You can just see all your previous activities online at a single place but to do that you should have a Gmail account.

After having a Gmail account, you can rush to the browsing history by going to the At that History option, you can find all your web searches including the image queries.

In some cases, you might just miss the image you are attracted to in google images. In those cases, you can quickly browse your history, and you can get benefit from that. You don’t need to search by scrolling down you have an option to peruse your past queries by date or by clicking the older button at the bottom of the page.

Here you can remove your search history as well to delete your search history all you have to do is just click on remove that’s it.

Now let’s see the advanced search options for the reverse search

Advanced search options:

Google is having lots of helpful and user-friendly options where you can make use of. You can quickly conduct a picture search of your choice by using the advanced options of Google.

At the right end of the Options bar, you can see the search tools button. You should click that, and it will highlight all the bunch of advanced options.

Let’s go through the advanced search options:


The size is the option which helps you to sort out all the variety of choices in regards to its image sizes. It includes large, medium, and small. You can easily choose the option you like to get some exact results.



Color is the default option in google images search. This option is one of the oldest options, but it is a good choice to find out what color you want to search. Here you can find any default color option and black & white option as well. Here the transparent option refers to the images that have a bright background.

This transparent option is mostly used for the graphics designers who want to add other images to the existing image. Here in color option, you will find 12 color boxes, and it will return images according to those colours.



This option allows you to filter all the images based on the type of images. You can include following options like face, photo, gifs, and other clip art and line drawing in this type. Here you can divide all the images, and you can pick the selected type of images you like.



Time is the preferred the option for me, it is not only preferred choice for me it is favorite for some many other bloggers. This option lets you search within the different time ranges. Time feature is handy because you can see the latest photography and the variation of the photography of any topic on the web. Here the past 24 hours and past week option are helpful in finding the most recent images. You can even get the custom results of the page.


Usage rights:

Usage rights option is the significant opportunity for marketers and bloggers because they always search for attractive images. They often try to use them in their posts or blogs. In such cases, the usage rights option is the best choice to judge whether to use that image or not.

This option allows you to go through the images and know it’s legally reused rights and its regular license. The best choice for this feature is labeled for reuse with modification and labeled for non-commercial use.

Here the labeled for reuse with modification means you can reuse the image with some changes. The second option labeled for non-commercial use means you should use the image for non-commercial uses only you should not use those types of images for other purposes.

Along with these if you are just curious to find the best stock image sites. Then you can make use of this popular list of 42 best places to find free images online.


This is the final advanced option of the Google images search. If you are curious to get more than the above options. Then you can toggle the default safe search in the top right corner. Here that option will prompt a pull-down menu where it shows the image weeds.

You can do an advanced image search via the gear icon in the top right-hand corner. Along with that, you can see the new screen which simply allows you to drill down the search terms and helps to filter the UI.

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This is all about the Google image search. I hope you all liked this advanced google image search options and techniques. If you have any doubts or suggestion, you can let us know in the comments section.