Google hints UWB is coming to future Pixel phones

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Recognition: David Imel / Android Authority

  • Google has indicated that it will add ultra-broadband technology to future Pixel phones.
  • With the UWB functionality, you should be able to use your Pixel as a digital car key.
  • You can also expect expanded fast pair support for Beats headphones, as well as for BMW and Ford vehicles.

Your next Pixel phone may soon feature the same ultra-broadband technology you’ve seen in recent Samsung phones and iPhones. Google used its I / O conference to suggest that UWB support will come this fall to select upcoming Pixel phones (not shown here) to enable digital car key features in Android 12.

UWB technology should allow you to lock and unlock your car without reaching for that Pixel phone in your pocket. If a car supports NFC, you can also tap the door to unlock your car. With the functionality of Android 12, you can also give your digital key to friends and family if they need to borrow your ride. This is important during periods of reduced car ownership when you may share a vehicle.

google pixel uwb digital car key

Google hasn’t said which of its phones would have UWB support, although rumors have it that the Pixel 6 will be the company’s first phone to use this technology. The new model may be a return to flagship smartphones on Google, and it would only make sense to use the same UWB technology found in high-end devices like the Galaxy S21 Plus, S21 Ultra, and iPhone 12 is.

It’s also not surprising if Pixel phones can use UWB for other functions, such as: B. For AirTag-style item trackers with very precise instructions.

You don’t necessarily have to buy a new phone to take advantage of some of the latest additions from Google. In the coming months, the Android Fast Pair will be extended to other Bluetooth devices, including Beats headphones and BMW and Ford vehicles. The addition of beats is particularly important. You had to install the Beats app beforehand for quick pairing on Android. This could give you a simple setup comparable to what Apple has enabled for AirPods and Beats Audio on iPhones for years.

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