Google discontinues its languishing Nest Secure alarm system

Google Nest for sure

  • Google has discontinued its Nest Secure system.
  • The security hardware remained largely unchanged for three years.
  • Other Nest devices can fill in at least some of the gaps.

The Nest Audio may be a triumph, but Google’s other smart home devices are not doing so well. Google has confirmed Android police that the company stopped selling Nest Secure a week after the company declared the alarm system “no longer available” in its official store.

Google didn’t explain why Nest Secure was being discontinued, but did stress that the product would continue to work for existing owners. The company didn’t say how long the system would stay active.

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It’s safe to say that the device has never received much (positive) attention. Google introduced Nest Secure in 2017, but left the system largely unchanged, although other Nest products have been redesigned. The biggest surprise was the discovery of an unlisted microphone that Google would later enable for Assistant, despite raising questions about privacy. It’s not surprising that Google retired Nest Secure – it just wasn’t an important part of corporate strategy.

The decision leaves you one less option for a smart security system, especially if you are heavily invested in Google technology. Current devices fill some of the gaps. Nest security cameras still offer at least some protection. Nest Protect and Thermostats also have motion detection capabilities, but for convenience rather than security. There will simply be no direct equivalent to Nest Secure, good or bad.

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