Google Chromecast with Google TV retail packaging leaked on video

Google Chromecast with Google TV retail packaging leaked on video

Google Chromecast leak

  • The retail box of the new Google Chromecast was shown in a video.
  • It confirms the Google TV software and some specifications.
  • It also shows the design of the streaming dongle and its remote control.

Google’s upcoming Android TV streamer has made multiple appearances over the past few months, including a recent one where all the tech specs were posted. Now, Google’s first streaming dongle with remote control and integrated Android TV has appeared in a short video on Reddit (via jSterninja). No, we can’t see it in its entirety, but we get a pretty good look at the retail packaging, which confirms previous rumors.

The first thing you’ll notice (see the video below) is the name of the dongle along with an image showing both the streamer and its Google Assistant enabled remote. It’s a Chromecast with Google TV. Many believe that Google TV is a rebranding of the existing Android TV platform. It’s strange because Google withdrew the Google TV nickname in favor of the Android TV name five years ago. The company recently announced the Android 11 update for Android TV without mentioning a rebranding.

Even so, the leaked retail packaging confirms that Google TV is indeed a thing, regardless of whether or not it’s a renaming of Android TV. The text on the new Chromecast box says that Google TV “puts all your entertainment in one place so you can easily find what you want”. The software also offers recommendations for streaming and tells you which streaming services have those tracks.

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Elsewhere, the leaked Google Chromecast retail packaging shows that it supports 4K and HDR streaming and works with both Android and iOS platforms. There’s no price for the box, but you can expect to spend around $ 50 on it. The new Chromecast will be announced on September 30th at Google’s Pixel Hardware Event.

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