Asus ROG Phone 5 product shot of the battery and charging logos up close

Google asks developers to comment on Android OEM app restriction

Asus ROG Phone 5 product photo of the battery and the charging logos up close

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  • Google wants to know more about developer’s experiences with app restrictions on Android.
  • Developers can fill out a survey naming the OEMs and providing additional details.

Smartphone manufacturers want to give users more battery life by deleting unnecessary apps in the background. However, some OEMs may go a little too far with this practice. Now Google wants to hear from developers how OEM software from Android manufacturers affects their apps.

Seen from XDA, app makers can now take part in a survey detailing how OEMs are eliminating their apps through “app restriction” on Android. “If your app is restricted due to the energy-saving mode, please provide as many details as possible in the form below,” the form asks. Google would like developers to name the responsible OEM, among other things.

Background apps killing is a long-standing problem on Android. Google has taken some steps to alleviate the developer’s problems. It outlined plans ahead of Android 11’s launch to give developers more control. Newer versions of Android have implemented better resource management systems to ensure that critical apps are not killed, while abusive apps do. However, it is still found that some OEMs kill background apps, which can put smaller developers at a greater disadvantage.

Which OEMs are responsible?

Some popular Android smartphone manufacturers are also reported to be the main culprits. DontKillMyApp named Samsung the worst culprit after Android 11 landed. Nokia, OnePlus, and Xiaomi were also on the list, according to the website.

This practice may be a nightmare for developers, but smartphone users still believe that aggressive battery management is necessary on modern smartphones. After a Android authority Almost two thirds of those questioned were of this opinion. Hopefully, the poll is the latest move for Google to strike a balance between OEMs, developers, and users’ concerns.

If you are a developer and have experience with one or more OEMs sorting out your app in the background, you can leave a comment by going to the survey under the link.

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