Google app crashing? A new update seems to be the culprit

The Google app seems to be having problems. Several Android users have visited Twitter in order to report that the Google app crashes randomly on their phones. The problem also occurred with one of our team members who is using the LG Wing with Android 10 on board. Another has problems opening the Google app on his Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Meanwhile, user reports suggest that the problem affects most Android phones, including Sony, Samsung, Google Pixels, and more.

The Google app crashing issue appears to be due to a recent update released by the company. We encountered the problem with version and of the Google app. Some users have also reported app crashes in the beta version of the app. According to the Google app’s Play Store listing, versions may vary on different devices, so you may experience app crashes on a completely different version.

In response to complaints on Twitter, the official Made By Google account suggested a soft restart of the phone. While the fix worked for one user, others report that restarting their phones didn’t help.

For us, uninstalling the latest update for the Google app fixed the problem. Not everyone was so lucky, however. Some users still have issues with the app even after rolling back to the previous version.

Apparently we have to wait for Google to come up with a more specific solution and explanation for the error. We will update this article as soon as we have more information.

As early as March, a problem with the Android System WebView caused several Android apps to crash. While Google has solved it for those with stable Android versions, the problem seems to persist for Android 12 beta users. However, uninstalling and reinstalling WebView from the Google Play Store seems to solve the problem for the users.

We don’t think the latest Google app crashing issue is related to WebView issues. It’s more of a bug with the updated version of the app that Google may iron out with another update.

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