Get your early-bird pass to Disrupt 2020 — only 4 days left – ProWellTech

Get your early-bird pass to Disrupt 2020 — only 4 days left – ProWellTech

You only have four days to access the full Disrupt 2020 experience at the best possible price. You can save up to $ 300 with early bird prices, but this is a fleeting opportunity. Start it up and buy the Disrupt pass of your choice first the deadline expires August 7 at 11:59 pm (PT).

We are celebrating 10 years of Disrupt and while the need to bring this milestone online changes things a bit, we are excited that this virtual Disrupt, which will take place from 14 to 18 September, will be the largest and most accessible ever.

And many things will not change, such as the quality and profusion of world-class speakers, group discussions, interviews and question and answer sessions. Here is a preview of Disrupt’s agenda, with only a few of the speakers and topics at hand. Ready? Start!

How things are built in the middle of a pandemic

How has COVID-19 influenced how and where the things we use are built? We will hear from Anker CEO Steven Yang and Chrysalis Cloud CEO / former HAX partner Kate Whitcomb to learn more about how the manufacturing world had to adapt in 2020 and what could happen.

How to make your Pitch Deck for 2020

Today you could launch email, audio, video, VR or IRL to all types of investors around the world. How do you tell your story in order to reach the right people in the right way without wasting too much time from building your company? The traditional PowerPoint slide deck still has a place, but many other fundraising opportunities also need to be managed. Ann Miura-Ko (Floodgate) and Lo Toney (Plexo Capital) will talk about the latest tactics that the founders are using around the world.

Small threads everywhere

Kerry Washington is perhaps best known for her work in Hollywood, but has made a name for herself in technology in recent years. Investor in The Wing, Community and Byte’s tooth straightening service, Washington’s portfolio includes products and services that aim to give people a voice or improve their quality of life. In this fire chat, Washington will discuss what brought it into the technology sector, its investment strategy and the rise of streaming platforms. And, as an activist and someone who talked about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, Washington will share his views on diversity, inclusion and equity in technology.

Disrupt 2020 offers much more: Battlefield Startups, Digital Startup Alley and world-class networks with CrunchMatch, our AI-based platform to help you find and connect quickly with people who can help you take your business to the next level .

You only have four days left for Disrupt for less. Purchase your pass before the early bird agreement expires August 7 at 11:59 pm (PT)and you can save up to $ 300.

Is your company interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at Disrupt 2020? Contact our sponsorship sales team by by filling in this form.

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