How to get new website pages indexed by Google

How to get your new website pages indexed quickly by Google

New bloggers always try various ways to get their new website pages indexed by Google and other search engines.

But mostly they aren’t getting desired results. They can still see many of the unindexed pages on their new site. This has been a frustrating problem for all the new bloggers.

In General, Adding new pages and new posts regularly to your site can bring lots of visitors and as a result you can increase your traffic. And most effectively you can accomplish your goals by converting the traffic into conversions and so on.

website pages indexed

Traffic can easily do wonders, but

DO you know when a site will get traffic?

A site can get massive traffic only when your page rank top in search engine results. That means you can only get traffic when your post is indexed in the search engines.

So, new website owner must always concentrate on indexing their pages.

But, if you aren’t successful in indexing your new site or you don’t know how to do that, then don’t worry, I’ll explain how to get your site indexed quickly on Google. But to get indexed by google you have to follow some steps.

So let’s dive into the topic.

Before learning about “how to index your new pages quickly in Google”, you should know some important terms to understand the process.

Important terms you should know about?

Before I get into ways to get your post indexed by Google you should know these terms.

What are Google Bots?

Google bots are nothing but the “web crawlers” which are used by the Google. They are also called as the spiders or crawlers etc.

This Google bot is used to discover and find the pages online, and it collects the information from the sites by crawling them. Simply, the bots process is they gather all the online content and they will send all that information to the search engine databases. In order to index your site.

Google Bots


Crawling is nothing but the process of bots going into the websites and finding the new information by searching. Bots always find the new information by roaming around the internet and collects the information by crawling the sites.

Here the links which we point out from one site to other site or the internal links and all the other sort of links are crawled by the web crawlers, and they send the new information back to the search engines whenever the page is updated.

What is Google Index?

Google index is simply a database which stores each and every web page the Google bots crawl.  Whenever a Google bot finds any new information from your site, The Google bots will take that information to the googles database to index the post.

Google database checks your information and ranks your pages. Which means it provides a Google bot to find your information and after find the useful information. It can start to display your new pages in their search results.

These are the terms you should know about the indexing.

Now, have you ever thought why you need to be indexed to get traffic and all?

Why is it important to get your site Indexed?

Many of you might think that you are getting traffic from social sharing, so why we need to get indexed in Google.

But the most crucial part of any website is to get their pages indexed by Google. It is necessary for your online presence, and it can help you go further in the blogging world.

If your site posts and pages are not indexed in Google, they won’t show up in the results of the search queries.

And if your site can’t find in any search results then simply you can’t get traffic to your site, and as a result, your conversion will go down as well as your business.

Fact: Each and every day, 3.5 billion searches occur in Google

By seeing those number don’t you think that you are missing something?

Simply, when you don’t get your page indexed in Google, you can’t improve your site no matter how great you produce your content, product or services.

No one will ever find you. And if you are interested in improving your business then just invest some time indexing your site in google.

So, let’s see how you can quickly index your site.

How to index your site on google

Typically, it takes some time to get your new site indexed by Google, but if you strive to follow few steps, then you can easily get your site index quickly.

  1. Submit your website to Google and other webmaster tools

After creating your site, all you have to do is submit your site to the Google and other webmaster tools which are available.

Google webmaster tools which have changed its name to Google search console. It is the first place you must submit your new site.

But before you submit your site you must verify that site either by putting an Html code or by setting tracking in your hosting and so on.

Google will clearly mention about the verification methods. So, to submit your site to google you should verify google search console.

After submitting your site to Google, you can also use other webmaster tools like Bing, Yandex, etc.

  1. Create a Sitemap and submit it to search console:

After verification of your search console account, now the next step you have to do is to create a sitemap for your website.

A sitemap is nothing but the map which shows each and every link position of your website.

Sitemap helps Google bots to search the information entirely. You can simply create a sitemap with the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress.

  1. Create Robots.txt

 Robots.txt is a critical text file; it is one of the important files for any blog or website. This file will have the set of instructions which informs the google bots or other bots whether to scan that web page or not.

Before crawling your site, Google bots always check the robots.txt file to check whether you gave permission to index your page or not.

This robots.txt file is included in your domain directory, and you can access from your web hosting control panel.

Robots.txt file is useful particular when you want to keep the Google bots to stay away from some pages of your website then you can use robots.txt to do that.

Here is the full guide which explains about the robots.txt and how to create an optimized robots.txt file (More details

  1. Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the great platforms to track your website visitor’s information.

It is one of the factors which can index your site quickly because after you register your site with the Google analytics.

This is a tip which you are giving to Google bots that your new website is coming and it won’t google bots to index.

  1. Share your content on social media

Social media always plays a significant role in getting traffic for your website. But in indexing your post and page also you can use social media.

Although it doesn’t play a direct role in your website visibility. But it sends the signals to the Google when your content was getting some shares and likes.

This makes Google know that your piece of content is helpful for the audience so, it is going to index your site.

These are the few strategies that you can follow to index your website quickly along with these ways you can also use interlinking and external linking to get your page indexed in Google quickly.


This is all about the how to get your new site indexed in Google quickly. I hope you all liked this article if you are having any queries then you can comment us below. I’d love to hear comments from you.