How to get Backlinks for your site?

How to get Backlinks for your site?


If you are someone who is involved with SEO work you might also be concerned about backlinks. Many times the webmasters ask the question – how to build the backlinks so that I get the best SEO results. There was a time when you could randomly create excessive backlinks and get your site good ranking on Google. But times have changed and so has the algorithm of Google.

 get Backlinks for your site

Today, the backlink building process has to be natural. Google knows when you are using deceptive techniques and when you are getting backlinks the right way. There is so much on the web about backlinks. You might probably get confused. But here are some simplified methods to help you get backlinks to your site.


Do not trust just about anyone


  • As already mentioned, link building process has to be natural. If there is a manipulation, Google algorithms will detect it. So make sure that you do it the right way.


  • You will find some self-proclaimed ‘experts’ who will give you the most incredible ways to build backlinks quickly. But you know that backlinks cannot be built quickly. It is a gradual process. So, when someone makes such claims, stay away from them.


  • It is a good thing to learn a bit from the external sources. However, ultimately, you must learn to trust your own instincts.


Stay patient


  • If your website has been launched recently, you cannot get tons of links in quick time. If there are quick links from different websites, Google will know something is going wrong. The link building process has to be natural and gradual. So, you will need to be patient.


  • One of the most common methods to get the backlinks is by writing the guest posts on the websites with authority. The website you write the post on should be relevant to your niche.


  • While you are writing the post on the other websites, make sure that it doesn’t look like you are doing it only to get backlink. Write to add value to the readers. You should post content that is relevant and useful to the visitors. Help answer some questions or provide valuable information.


  • Only write for the websites that are reputable and have high authority. Writing on the random websites will not help your cause.


  • Be a regular writer on the good websites. If you are doing it only once or twice, it will look like you are trying to get the backlinks only. In fact, sometimes write without the backlinks as well.


  • It is important to keep a track of your backlinks at regular intervals. There are times when the webmasters make changes to your links. This is something you have to be aware of at all times.


Avoid using footprints


  • Leaving the footprint is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a webmaster. Your links must appear to be natural and not unnecessarily inserted.


  • For instance, if you are writing guest posts on different websites, it would be a good idea to have a different author bio on each site. Also, your penname should also be different.


  • While writing the posts, the website description should not be the same across posts or sites. This will not only create copyright issues but will also alarm the search engines. Your links need to be natural and also untraceable.

 get Backlinks

Building good backlinks


  • Good backlinks are those that are coming from the reputable and authentic websites. The websites that have high quality content and high social media visibility will give you good backlinks.


  • Do not blindly copy the strategy from someone. As already mentioned in the beginning, you will need to learn to trust your own instincts.


  • You can also create backlinks using the forum sites such as Quora. But make sure that you are answering the questions properly and not just to get the backlinks.


Build backlinks slowly and it will give you good results.


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