Get a 5-pack of outlet covers with nighttime safety lights for $15

Get a 5-pack of outlet covers with nighttime safety lights for $15

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They know you are in a fancy home when a soft glow from guide lights illuminates hallway stairs and baseboards. Here’s one way to make your home a little bit more like Bill Gates’ summer home – these socket covers have built-in LED guide lights. Regularly $ 20, you can get one Five pack of these sockets for $ 15 with promo code CNETOTPL. That’s $ 3 for each.

These panels are available in two styles that will fit most electrical outlets. Both have three LED lights that point to the floor. No battery or special wiring is required. Simply remove the old cover and slide the new one into place. Two electrical contacts encircle the socket and draw power for the LEDs (estimated cost of about 10 cents per year). And thanks to the small photo sensor, the lights only run at night.

I love guiding lights like that. Not only are they comfortable and improve security, but they also improve the look of your home after dark. What do you think of these socket covers? Let me know in the comments.

This article was first published last week.

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