Galaxy Z Fold 2: I’m legitimately excited about Samsung’s major design changes


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On Wednesday, Samsung introduced its latest foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, during a virtual start hosted online. Introduced next to the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 UltraThe Z Fold 2 is part of Samsung’s annual August offer to define premium phones before the typical iPhone launch in September.

With its 7.6-inch inside screen, the 6.2-inch outside screen and the new color option Mystic Bronze, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a lot to prove after the original The messed up start of Galaxy Fold and Samsung’s desperate reaction to Support the shortcomings. While the Galaxy Z Flip is a really adorable foldable clamshell phone, the full-size fold that opens into a tablet still has to convince the naysayers.

For me (though I haven’t seen it in the flesh yet), the Z Fold 2 got off to a stronger start and uses the same ultra-thin glass as the Galaxy Z Flip, a sufficiently large cover screen that you can tap and tap on Apps is more practical than on the cramped Galaxy Z Fold and two Infinity-O displays, which make the eyesore of the original fold a shudder from the past. It also has a thinner body than last year’s model fewer gapswhat to expect.

The part I can’t wait to try – and what could be the standout feature of the Z Fold 2 – is the hinge that’s rigid enough to keep the Fold 2 screens open on their own. This free-standing feature was my absolute Favorite trick on the smaller Galaxy Z Flipand exactly how a foldable phone can make up a typical brick phone. When the phone is in “flex mode”, you can watch videos, read and host video calls without being hands-free.

Galaxy Z fold 2 interior screen

The Galaxy Z Fold 2’s 7.2-inch inside screen with a front-facing camera but no notch in sight.


The Galaxy Z Fold 2 seems to have the same camera setup as the Note 20 Ultra, which has a main camera that can take photos at 108 megapixels, a 5x optical zoom (and a 50x room zoom) and 12- Megapixel sensors for ultrawide, angle and telephoto. It also has two front-facing cameras, one on the inner screen and one on the cover display, each of which should be 10 megapixels, just like the Galaxy Note 20 phones.

You will find the fingerprint reader on the right back so that when the phone is folded it is at the bottom of the screen.

The Fold 2 is available in mystical bronze, Samsung’s signature color for this device series, and in mystical black. Although you can now reserve the Galaxy Z Fold 2 on – and by the way, there was never a Z Fold 1 – it is not clear on the Samsung website how much it costs. For reference, the first Galaxy Fold was $ 1,980.

Think of this announcement as a big joke. Samsung says it will share more information, including Price and pre-order details of the Z Fold 2on September 1st.


Do you remember the plastic glue and the huge notch from the original Galaxy Fold?

Angela Lang / CNET

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