Galaxy S21: Samsung won’t bring back the headphone jack, and here’s why


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Samsung Galaxy S21, the follow-up to last year Galaxy S20 Flagship, is almost there. On January 14th, Samsung will host a virtual one Galaxy unpacked Event on the last day of CES ((Here’s how to watch live), where the latest Galaxy S smartphone is expected to be unveiled a month before last year’s announcement. Rumors were circulating for months about the new device, powered by Leakages galore. Does the Galaxy S21 come with a pen?? Will it have a sleek new design? Will it replace the Galaxy Note line?

And the everlasting question: will there be a headphone jack? All we can say now is probably not. But if we’ve learned something since then Samsung has released its last flagship Galaxy S (on the same day the The novel coronavirus was officially named COVID-19) everything is possible.

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Leaked teasers for the Galaxy S21 show a similar design to the S20 series with an in-screen fingerprint reader and a centered pinhole camera. But there is one thing you won’t see in that leaked images is a headphone jack that tells us it’s probably not included in the cards for the S21. More recent leaks show Samsung’s specs No headphone jack was mentioned on any of the three models of the S21.

There Has was something unfounded assumption about the reintroduction of the headphone jack by Samsung as some kind of experiment in 2021. The thought here is that a headphone jack might be enough to differentiate the Galaxy flagship from other premium phones like Apple and Google, which have also forced users to switch to either wireless earphone or dongle lifestyle in recent years.

This is an interesting theory, especially if you remember Samsung’s initial reaction to Apple’s initial removal of the headphone jack from its 2016 phone, the iPhone 7. Apple’s move became the punchline at the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launch event that same year. And Ads for the Galaxy Note 8 went a step furtherand ridicules the unwieldy dongle setup of the iPhone. But the tide changed and when Samsung introduced its Galaxy Note 10 In 2019, it also left the headphone jack on the cutting room floor. Last year’s Galaxy S20 also lacked a headphone jack, the first of the Galaxy S line that does nothing.

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History can repeat itself with the Galaxy S21. When Apple decided not to include a charger or headphones in the packaging of its iPhone 12, Samsung also mocked that decision. But now Rumors suggest that Samsung might follow suit. A leak from tipster Evan Blass shows a What’s in the box? Page from Samsung It only lists a USB-C cable (without charging stone), an ejector pin and a quick guide, with environmental reasons being mentioned. The lack of headphones in the box is further evidence against the inclusion of an appropriate headphone jack.

One reason phone manufacturers like to lose the jack: thinner frames. Thin is in and a smaller footprint allows for a bigger screen without adding to the overall size of the phone.

Galaxy Buds Pro leaked image

The alleged Galaxy Buds Pro.


Another, perhaps more cynical, reason: the company’s own wireless earbuds should sell better if the phones don’t have a wired headphone jack. Apple’s AirPods went like gangbusters, probably not least thanks to the cut-out socket on the iPhone. And Samsung has its own line of wireless earbuds that Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds Live, with an equally prolific rumor mill that hyped the supposedly impending one Galaxy Buds Pro. So it would make sense for Samsung to stick to its decision to say goodbye to the headphone jack. Plus, if the latest leaked promotional slides are correct, Samsung may be offering a pair of wireless earbuds along with the S21 as a pre-order bonusHowever, it is not clear whether this offering will be available in the US.

We expect our reply on January 14th at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Eventbut in the meantime Here’s everything else we’ve heard about the Galaxy S21 so far.

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