Free Peloton-style indoor studio bike with your monthly iFit membership

Free Peloton-style indoor studio bike with your monthly iFit membership


Suppose you pay a monthly fee for bike lessons anyway. Why not get the bike for free?


Here’s the thing with a peloton bike, an Echelon bike, or the like: not only do you have to buy the expensive hardware, but also the subscription to the fitness class. A peloton, for example, costs a whopping $ 1,845, and then you’re hooked for $ 39 a month. Echelon offers bikes for less money (including one under $ 1,000), but the associated class plan is $ 40 per month.

Ah, but what if you could pay the same price and get a bike for free effectively? You can: For a limited time the ProForm Studio Bike Pro costs $ 39 per month for three years – iFit membership included. I am amazed that this listing is still available, even though there is currently “high demand” and a shipping delay of around two weeks.

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OK, so it’s basically a 0% interest financing plan that comes to $ 1,403 after three years (or a one-time payment). But there’s no upfront cost – even shipping is free – and when you’re done, you’ll own the bike. Yes, you still have to pay $ 39 per month if you still want iFit classes. However, if you prepay a year or more, you can get discounts.

I haven’t tried the Studio Bike Pro myself, but it is similar to the excellent NordicTrack S15i that I tested in my summary of Peloton alternatives that cost less. No wonder: the parent company Icon Health and Fitness owns NordicTrack and ProForm as well as iFit.

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The bike has a silent flywheel, height-adjustable seat and handlebars, digital resistance settings, 3-pound hand weights, and a 10-inch touchscreen that rotates 180 degrees in either direction – helpful for all off-bike classes, you want to visit.

In terms of classes, iFit offers a variety of live and on-demand courses – not just cycling, but intense interval training, weight training, yoga, and so on. Two things I particularly like: the virtual rides (where you follow your instructor on beautiful trails) and the “live” resistance control, which means the instructor changes the resistance settings of your bike during your lesson or your ride.

Note that ProForm has its Carbon E7 elliptical on the same terms ($ 0 down, $ 39 a month for 36 months). This is actually my preferred form of indoor exercise, although I couldn’t find any reviews of the machine itself.

Obviously Fitness at home is now more important than ever. If you’ve been considering an indoor bike (or an elliptical trainer) but resisted the high price of the equipment, this is your chance to get it at a low monthly cost – assuming you’re willing to use it for three years long to pay.

Her thoughts?

Originally published earlier this year. Updated to reflect new information.

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